Today we will . . . .

1—Brief Introductions: I’ll be typing names on the class contact wiki page. (We’ll do more introductory activities later.)

2—Lab technicians will visit to help all of us gain access to our University computer accounts. This is important. You will need these accounts for much of the work we will be doing in this class. When the lab technicians are finished with us, each of us in the room should be able to access the Internet, send an email message, and access our individual folders on the university network.

3—Send an email to me. In the subject line, include your name and English 3360. In the body of the message, tell me what email address you want to use this semester and tell me what name you want me to use for you (if it’s different from your name as listed in the official records).

4—More introductions: We’ll form groups of three. Spend a total of 3 minutes interviewing a member of your group—name, hometown, major, and why TAMU-CC. (You can’t interview the person who interviews you.) Prepare to introduce your classmate to the whole class.

We’ll work through introductions.

5—About the course: finding class site on web; finding your assignments.

6—Writing Workshop: Free write initial ideas about literacy teaching and learning, about our literacy histories, and about our languages.

7---If we have time, we will explore the web sites of

  • the National Council of Teachers of English at NCTE,
  • The Texas Education Network at TENET,
  • The Texas Education Agency at TEA,
  • The Education Service Center of Region 2, coastal bend schools, at ESC2,
  • The Texas Educator Standards at ExCet, and explanations of how to use them at [1],
  • Dr. Blalock's Resources for 3360 students at Blalock

For our next meeting (remember that Monday is a holiday), please accomplish the following:

(1) By Thursday, August 28, for your first weekly reflection, read the online course materials. Send an email confirming that you understand these policies and procedures. Ask any questions you have in this email.

(2) By Wednesday, Sept. 3, read SELA online at parts: "The Standards," "Introduction" and "Excerpt from Chapter 3."

(3) Look at the assignment for portfolio 1, and the questions for it. Write out answers to some of these questions as a way of discovering your thoughts and memories on literacy.

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