Units and Portfolios

At the end of this course, you will have produced a substantial packet of materials that demonstrate how you are using current professional research to inform your work as a (future) teacher. For purposes of organizing and evaluating all the work we'll do, we will divide the semester into three "units," and for each unit, we will submit a portfolio that represents the work we've done during that particular unit. As with any effective assignment sequence, our unit / portfolio sequence will be cumulative. In other words, the work we do will help scaffold to the next bit of work, and everything we do will be relevant to the overall goals of the course and will be of use to you as a future teacher.

If you click on each Portfolio link, you will find descriptions of the various unit assignments.

See these explanations of the semester plan, which you will be working on all semester, and which will be part of all portfolios in some way.