Homework due Apr 8

  • Teaching Portfolio due today, extensions applied
  • reading response week 11
  • Huot, "Reading Like a Teacher" (p. 109-136) (Bell Library, electronic reserve)
  • The Way Literacy Lives (chapters 1-3, pp. 1-60)

Theory of Response

  • Haswell, Shaughnessy, Lindemann, and Huot all write about response to student writing. So do others, like Sommers. Response as an act of reading (Huot) emphasizes the importance of the READER in determining the quality of a text. In a similar way, Haswell tries to convince us to "read" student texts in new and different ways.
    • How can we fulfill our responsibilities as teachers as we respond to student texts?
    • What are our responsibilities as teachers?
    • Are we reading texts, or students?
    • How can assessment be "fair" or "accurate" if it is all subjective?
    • Is it more "fair" to read a text blind or to read a text knowing everything a teacher knows?
    • What purpose(s) do we have as readers?

Teaching Portfolio

  • Share drafts, get feedback

Mapping the Field

  • We will finish next week, but Shannon Carter gives us some interesting framework to work with
  • Discuss Carter as a way to "polish" your map of the field
  • Share your favorite "bits" of Carter (so far)...

Remaining Questions

  • What still worries you about teaching basic writers?

W13: The Way Literacy Lives

Apr 15