Today, in class, we will...

Share Presentation drafts--you should have a draft to share with your peers. Read or present your draft to two peers. Do not apologize (or at least TRY not to). Peers, please listen carefully & take notes. Peers might consider:

  • Is the presentation clear to you as an audience member?
  • Is the purpose of the author evident?
  • Does the presentation demonstrate research? Supported by evidence?
  • What else do you want to know?

When the presenter is finished, please take turns giving positive & constructive feedback. This is meant to help you present the best possible presentation, so formative feedback is appropriate.

It is time to reflect on our semester's learning. We are going to revisit our debate re: the format & purpose of basic writing programs/courses.

  • What is a basic writer?
  • What is basic writing?
  • Which model(s) are the best and why?
  • What are the goals of a BW program and course?
  • How does a BW course serve the needs of a 2-yr, 4-yr, community, the student?
  • What is the role of the BW teacher?
  • What training should the BW teacher have?
  • What assignments should be given?
  • What placement/exit measures should be used?

How have your perspectives on these questions changed?

Group 1

If we run out of things to say then we can talk about the reading from last week JBW 25.1 Mlynarczyk (4-25)