due April 22

  • Bring something for peers to read, I will check!

Peer Review

  • You're sharing drafts of your writing, so everyone be sensitive & try not to apologize for your work (we all do anyway)
  • Be an active, engaged listener or reader & focus less on surface issues than the "meat"--organization, ideas, research, clarity.
  • Ask questions of yourself & the writer: What is missing? What needs a citation or support? Is this useful and/or does it communicate to people like yourself? Are the obvious connections to major scholars missing?
  • Provide useful, constructive suggestions to your peers. And grammar help, if they want it.
  • Do this IN WRITING b/c speech is easily forgotten! (so this can be notes on a paper, inserted comments on word or wiki, or an email to your bud)

Strategic Planning

  • Time to plan your activities/presentation
  • Gather resources/materials/technology

Basic Writing

  • What are the core elements of quality basic writing teaching?
  • What are the key challenges, and how will you face them?
  • What has shifted in your perceptions/understandings of the basic writer or basic writing?