For today, we will have read and graded the final draft papers.

  • Discuss grading processes and decision making processes

You have read JBW 25.1 Mlynarczyk (4-25)

  • Discuss reading

Presentation drafts

  • How to present your research
  • Who is your audience/what do they know?
  • What is your purpose?
  • Where can you go with this in the future?
  • Talk about process as well as what you've discovered
  • What else do we want to know?

Teaching evals

  • I need a volunteer to deliver to CLA before 7pm
  • Please take the time to make written comments; these are very valuable to me
  • Make sure I/we stop by 6:30 to give us all time to complete these

Please note: We do NOT have class Thursday. You are of course invited to attend the Haas Writing Awards ceremony and reading by Oscar de los Santos. 5:30-7:30, CI 128. Our own Olaf Fors and Erica Rangel are receiving awards!

On Tuesday, Apr 24, your Reflection on Responding assignment is due AND you should prepare for peer review of presentation drafts, ppt, handouts.