W13: The Way Literacy Lives

Due today, Apr 15

  • reading response 12
  • Final posting to "Mapping the Field"
  • Teaching portfolio (online or on paper)
  • Read The Way Literacy Lives (chapters 4-conclusion, pp. 61-152)

Course Evaluations

  • I very much appreciate thoughtful responses on both the scantron & written sections of the course eval; this is why I like to do it at the beginning of class, when there is little reason to rush.
  • FYI, while this feedback will help me assess my teaching this semester, it will also help planning for the next time it is offered. However, the next time this course is offered, it will probably be taught be another faculty member. Please provide feedback re: what you liked, didn't like, and/or how the course could be improved. You might mention:
    • books/readings/videos
    • assignments (teaching portfolio, mapping, reading responses, research, interview report)
    • activities in class

Mapping the Field

  • Last chance to revise!
  • Present to the class
  • Provide access for me for later, please

The Way Literacy Lives Discussion

  • What does this book do for you, as a scholar/teacher?
    • synthesizes field & current discussions re:
      • assessment/evaluation
      • student motivation
      • student literacies/languages (that are not "standard")
  • Objections from reading responses
    • valuing non-standard literacies
    • disagreement re: assessment strategies/methods
    • disagreement re: autonomous literacy--what it is, that it is damaging to students
  • Why/how is the proposed "rhetorical dexterity" curriculum not good/appropriate for all students? Why is it particular to BW students? Or would it be good for all? Explain.
  • How could we coordinate/match the rhetorical dexterity curriculum with Anne Beaufort's proposed FYC sequence? In what ways do they align?
  • Why would a sequence that looks so creatively at "literacy" ask students to only work in a text/essay genre? What else could they compose? Why would that be better? Or not?

April 22

  • peer review drafts of research project/presentation--we can do this on paper or online. Bring something for peers to read, I will check!
  • final discussion on BW