W11: Responding to Student Writing

  • Don't forget: April 2 is the Cyrus Cassells reading at 7pm, BH104
  • reading response 10
    • TDW, Shaughnessy, "Some New Approaches toward Teaching," (p. 2-14)
    • Haswell, "Remediality: Bottom and Top," (p. 267-284) (electronic reserve)

Please congratulate grad students, Michelle Garza, Jennifer Marciniak, and David Villarreal, for their acceptance into an international conference entitled El Mundo Zurdo: The First International Conference on the Life and Work of Gloria E. Anzald˙a. They will present their papers in May.

Dr. Cardenas will visit re: CCTE

Sample Student Writing

These students were in basic writing and regular 1301/1302 courses. These are unfinished drafts, but the sort of draft that you will have to find constructive ways to respond to. Using Lindeman's rubric for response, draft a response to all samples. We will get into groups to share.

Writing Across Borders

  • video on working with second-language writers
    • How do you think this information alters your perception?
    • How might this video change your classroom practices?

Shaughnessy / Haswell Discussion

  • Haswell's Gaining Ground in College Writing & Shaughnessy's text present very different ways of viewing student texts & solutions. What do you think of each?
  • Haswell's argument is difficult, especially if you have not read the whole book. What makes sense? What doesn't? As a prospective teacher, how does it help you see student writing (or basic writing) in a different way?

Homework due Apr 8

  • Teaching Portfolio due today
  • reading response week 11
  • Huot, "Reading Like a Teacher" (p. 109-136) (Bell Library, electronic reserve)
  • The Way Literacy Lives (chapters 1-3, pp. 1-60)