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Basic Writers

  1. Believe they cannot write - example on pg. 2
  2. Students are afraid to write - example of Laura on pg. 1
  3. Fear of assessment - example on pg. 1
  4. Basic writers do not know how to organize ideas - example on pg. 2
  5. Not aware of their potential skills
  6. Chapter 2: "I Just want to be Average"
  7. Language Barriers
  8. Home Environment

Teaching Latin@ Students

  1. How can these texts inform/improve your teaching? Especially as a teacher of English?

We have to remember that students come from different backgrounds and experiences with language and that their individuality with their speech and writing is not wrong; it is part of their ability ot communicate and represent themselves in the best way that they can. With that in mind, these readings (especially Anzaldua) serve as reminders to allow those kinds of expression to occur before we try to "correct" them.

  1. Why does CCCC advocate that all teachers be educated (as you are being) about these issues of language difference?

Teachers need to be able to identify the background factors that play into each individual student's ability to improve as writers, like Rose suggests in his book.

  1. In what ways is the information we've discussed about American English true of all languages? Why?
  2. Lastly, what is the responsibility of the English teacher? (to society, to her/his students, to the institution, to her/his colleagues?)

To enable students to understand why standard forms of writing are beneficial in certain circumstances enables them to adapt to situations where they may want to utilize the language of the authority. Fundamentally, this is more rewarding to them than to simply be able to perform to a certain standard.

Designing a Writing Assignment

  • Students will be in five groups of five. They will need one piece of paper for the group. Each member will be responsible for writing a passage on their assigned prompt in their dialect. The prompt will be to write about an ideal vacation to your best friend.
  • After they have written their passage, they will pass it to the next group member. Once the paper has made a full rotation, the students will pass it back to the first member, writing another passage in their dialect along the way.
  • Copies will be made of each group's collaborative essay/story (depending on their topic). So, there will be five different handouts. These will be passed out to each individual group member, this way they will be familiar with the topic. The student's objective will be to rewrite their essay/story as if it will air on the news (news broadcast).
  • The purpose of this activity is to get the students to translate their dialect to SAE without telling them what SAE is. This way their knowledge/level of understanding of SAE can be asssesed. Last, peer-review will take place, and a chart will be provided to the students so they can look for specific aspects of grammar, much like Anderson outlines in his essay.

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