In your reading response, I expect you to engage seriously with the assigned text. You do not have to summarize, but be specific enough that I can tell you read the text and that you've made some connections between it and other texts we've read in this class or in other rhetoric/composition classes &/or courses in the COE. Use MLA or APA to cite sources in text, but do not provide a references page. You might also connect the reading to your chosen research topic and/or interview project. If you have trouble finding something to discuss, you might consider these questions:

  • How do the readings address some of these issues?
    • Who is a basic writer?
    • Politics of basic writing
    • Error
    • "Good Writing" or "Good Language"
    • How we learn to write (how we learn)
    • What we should do in basic writing classes
    • Goals of a basic writing course or program
    • Role(s) of teachers
  • What theories is the author building the discussion on?
  • How does this text/discussion connect to other readings we have engaged with?
  • Where does your understanding of the text begin to break down/become confusing?

Post your entry below. Try not to erase someone else's posting. Feel free to respond to each others' postings, and be aware that this is public, so you should not include private information or any identifiable information about students at any time.