day one: "Being a writing teacher-a teacher who writes"

week one "What do writing teachers need to knwo about standards & why?"

  • SELA chapter 3
  • TEKS for grade level

CE: writing prompt on "Explain how these standards/principles will correlate/connect to/and challenge YOUR experiences with literacy and those of your future students"

"What do writing teachers need to know about Literacy?"

Short writing: draw own reflections on home-school literacies

Literacy, Early Literacy, & Multiple Literacies Jan 20--What are literacies? Read Quiz #1 must be completed before class. It will cover this week's readings and will be given on WebCT Calkins, ch. 28, "The Home/School Connection." "What is literacy" "What Do We Mean by Literacy Now?" Koshewa, "Multiple Cultures, Multiple Literacies" Discovery writing on language/literacy (small group discussion, online discussion in small groups, questions, clustering) modeling & practice. Review Portfolio 1 Semester Plan Proposal and Reflective Overview Assignment Semester Plan Proposal assignment. Reflective Overview assignment.

Jan 25--Early Childhood Literacies; Discuss Essential Questions Read Calkins, 3-4 (pp. 21-52) Read "What is a Good Guiding Question?" Read Intel 1.12-1.20 Brainstorm Ideas for Guiding Questions, Essential Questions, or Themes. Jan 27--Early Literacy Quiz 2. Read Calkins, 5-7 (pp. 53-108) (Literacy K-2) Draft of LA due for workshopping, posted to Wiki. Discuss constructive criticism & peer review. Save to kestrel; post to individual wiki. Bring a hard copy to class

Feb 1--Literacy--Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School Read Calkins, (pp. 109-182) (Literacy grade 3-HS) Workshop Semester Plan Overview

"What Does a Writing Teacher Need to Know about Language(s) Attitudes, Biases, and Competencies"

Feb 3--Language Varieties & Teaching Writing Quiz 3

 NCTE Position Statement on "Student's Right to Their Own Language" Position Statement

CCCC "National Language Policy" National Language Policy NCTE Position Statement "Expanding Opportunities" Position Statement Drafts of Discussion of SELA and TEKS.

Feb 8--Language Issues Anzaldua, "How to Tame a Wild Tongue" from Borderlands. Discuss Harvey Daniels' "Nine Ideas of Language"

1. Children learn their native language swiftly, efficiently, and largely without instruction. 2. Language operates by rules. 3. All languages have three major components: a sound system, a vocabulary, and a system of grammar. 4. Everyone speaks a dialect. 5. Speakers of all languages employ a range of styles and set of subdialects or jargons. 6. Language change is normal. 7. Languages are intimately related to the societies and individuals who use them. 8. Value judgments about different languages or dialects are matters of taste. 9. Writing is derivative of speech. Drafts of Reflective Overview. Portfolio One should be nearly complete and should be brought to class for review.