Course policies. The late work policy listed in the syllabus reads as follows:

There are generally no make-ups for reading reflections or in-class participation activities unless a student has a documented crisis, such as an extended illness, in which case he/she must make arrangements with me in writing. However, these make-ups will not be casually or automatically given. I expect that you will do all your work on time and attend every class. I will not accept a portfolio or interview report past the due date unless you have made previous arrangements with me in writing. The best way to document this is to do it by email.

Obviously, I have deviated from this policy. I have sent warning emails re: reading responses & allowed extensions on major assignments. For clarity's purpose, I want to be clear:

  • all research papers are due on the last day we meet; any papers handed in after that point will be assigned a zero, and no make ups will be allowed.
  • the teacher interview report and response reflection are due on the date posted in the schedule. Teacher interviews may be handed in on a later date if you have arranged in advance to do so, but should not be turned in later than April 20.
  • Reflections on Responding are due April 24, no extensions.
  • Reading Responses cannot be made up, as students have already been warned and given ample opportunity to do so on earlier missing work.

No extra credit will be assigned for any reason.