Here are my Signature Themes, according to StrengthsQuest™:

  • Achiever - I must accomplish something today!
  • Learner - As dorky as it sounds, I love to learn!
  • Focus - I'm always working towards some goal
  • Discipline - I'm not a control freak, but I do like routine and structure
  • Arranger - To-do lists and schedules are the way to go!

Here's how I would use my Signature Themes in school - studying for a test:

  • Achiever - I always strive to make the highest grade on all of my tests, no matter what the subject. Thus, I take my reviews around with me (usually in my purse) and pull them out whenever I have a spare minute.
  • Learner - Not only do I want to be the best, but I also want to learn everything there is to know about the subject of the test. I get antsy if I think I don't know everything I need to know about an important concept. Unlike many people, I don't want to forget everything after the test is over!
  • Focus - When I study for tests, I am in the zone. That way, I only need to concentrate for an hour at a time, instead of semi-concentrating for six or seven. The downfall is that I'm usually not very easy to get along with during that hour...
  • Discipline - I make sure to begin my studying at least three to four days before the exam so, by the time the night before rolls around, I will not be learning anything for the first time.
  • Arranger - I make my own reviews by copying from my class notes. Then I highlight them in pretty colors to arrange them by concept. That helps me think back to my review sheet when I get to the test.

Here's how I would use my Signature Themes in an everyday situation - A Night at the Movies:

  • Achiever - Since I don't want the night to feel like a total waste, I save my ticket stub. Somehow, holding on to that little piece of paper makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Looking at my collection of ticket stubs makes me feel like I'm looking at trophies of all of my movie-going experiences.
  • Learner - Before I even go to a movie, I have to look up what it's about. If I don't understand something in the synopsis, I research it. After the movie, I like to discuss the movie with anyone who will listen because I enjoy hearing about different perspectives and opinions. I spend considerable time trying to become an expert on the subject of the film.
  • Focus - I tend to go to movies for specific reasons. I put extra effort into making sure I am there on opening night of a highly anticipated flick. Not only do I want to learn everything I can from and about a movie, I want to see as many films as possible that star my favorite actors. (I have seen every Jim Carrey flick except Eternal Sunshine and it makes me feel incomplete every time I think about it! EDIT: I finally bought the movie. Now the only Carrey movie I haven't seen is Horton Hears a Who...)
  • Discipline - Arriving after the previews have started is a big no-no for me. If I don't get to the theater before the lights dim, I get angst-y. If you ever go to a movie with me, don't make me late! In addition, I have to sit in the very middle of the theater to feel at peace.
  • Arranger - Before I set out to go to the movies, I like to estimate what time I must leave to arrive on time (ie, 6:37). In addition, by looking at the showtimes online, I usually map out an estimate of what time the movie should end. Finally, taking traffic and other factors into consideration, I calculate an estimate of when I will be arriving home again.

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