Friday, September 13th

Discourse Communities Part 3

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Class Objectives

  • Journal #4
  • Discourse Community Maps
  • Formal Introduction to Project #1 - Literacy Narrative

Political Quote of the Day: I know you can't live on hope alone; but without hope, life is not worth living. So you, and you and you: you got to give them hope; you got to give them hope. - Harvey Milk

Journal #4

Pull out a piece of paper and write for ten minutes with the following prompt as your guide:

Use your own words to describe each of the six characteristics of a discourse community according to Swales. Find examples of each from your own experience.

Discourse Community Maps

Project #1 - Literacy Narrative

  • What is it? It's your first major assignment. It's a (minimum) 2-page typed document detailing your feelings/memories and experiences with literacy. Some questions to guide you while you are writing include:
    • How did you learn to read/write?
    • What are particularly vivid memories that you have a reading, writing, or activities that involved them?
    • What are your current attitudes or feelings toward reading and writing?
    • What are some institutions and experiences in your life that have acted as literacy sponsors?
  • When is it due? The first draft is due on Wednesday, September 18th and the final draft will be due Monday September 23rd. No late submissions will be accepted.
  • What are the formatting requirements? This assignment MUST be at least 2 (two) full pages. To the best of your ability, utilize APA format (click here for a sneak preview - remember, its very similar to MLA; on this first assignment, I will be gentle with grading for APA accuracy). Remember, this assignment requires the use of two outside sources (think smart - use the readings we've already done in class). In addition, this assignment needs to be typed, double-spaced and proof-read.
  • As students are answering these questions, they should be considering what all these memories/experiences/answers suggest overall: “So what?” Students should look for a main theme, a central “finding,” an overall conclusion.

For a complete assignment description, please click here.

Class Survey

  • Believe it or not, I actually do value your input when creating my lesson plans. You've been in class a little over a week by now so you have a good idea of how things are going to be run. I want you to (either written or through e-mail) give me one (1) thing you LIKE and one (1) thing you DON'T LIKE. Be as harsh or kind as you care to be.


  • Before Monday, read Stephen King's "What Writing Is" (WAW 305-307).
  • Before Monday, begin preparing/drafting for Project #1. Your complete first draft is due Wednesday, September 18th.