List of Events

1) Articles Response

  • Dr. Billeaux will post some articles on Blackboard; you can respond those articles to earn points.

2) For a list of TAMUCC events, click here

  • Subject to your ability to address response questions sufficiently.

3) CASA Services

  • Using CASA services (tutoring, writing center, one SI Session, etc.)

4) Counseling Center Events

5) Career Center Events

This list will be updated as necessary!

Response Requirements

After participating an event you will write a response. Use the following questions to draft your response:

  1. What is the event? Why did you choose this event? Why did it interest you?
  2. What did you learn? Provide concrete examples.
  3. How does this event relate to your seminar, composition, and political science class and what you are learning in those classes? Explain.
  • Responses must be a minimum 250-350 word. After writing your response, go to the Seminar Blackboard page and submit it.