Summer Bridge Academy -- Last Day of Class for Writing and Reading!

Writing and Reading Go Out Into The World and Makes TACOS


  • I loved the Facebook action went on yesterday! The interactive format made for some interesting exchanges about reading and writing.
  • Breakfast Tacos --see Mando Rayo, taco journalist extraordinaire.
  • Lifelong Learning and Reflection and Giving Thanks

Basic Tips for Improving Your Ninja Skills as a Writer and a Reader:

  • Learn by doing. That is, you can learn to be a better writer and a better reader by writing and reading. Go figure!
  • Learn by being curious and acting on that curiosity by conducting some research!
  • If you ran across a wild word like crepuscular or behemoth or antebellum, take a moment and look that sucker up. You might even end up being a true word lover like me.
  • Read a book or poem or an article or the back of a cereal box every day!
  • Whenever you read anything, notice the writing.
  • Writers need two basic things: a sense of purpose and an audience


Activity with 2 Paragraphs

  • Revision should focus on the Higher Order Concerns First
  • Revision is the time to consider how you should order your reasons.

Paragraph Activity -- Looking at the Ideas of Staying on Topic and Development

Ethos, Pathos, and Logos Activity >>>>>>>

Good Luck on the TSI and Good Luck in the Fall

I hope that each of you will come visit me from time to time in the Fall if you need help with writing and reading or advice on how to navigate the college system or if you just want to chat.

I enjoyed working with and learning from each of you!

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