To get a better understanding of reflective writing take a look at this link: Reflective Writing

Reflective Overview

  • This document (essay) serves as an introduction and explanation of the work collected and presented in the portfolio. In this document, students reflect on their content (deciding what best serves to demonstrate a core learning outcome) and processes (explaining the progress and/or struggles involved with the production of texts).
  • The majority of the reflective overview for portfolio one will be written as an in-class essay once you decide what items best represent the content required of students.
  • This area and content is worth 50 points out the 200 for Portfolio 1.

Working in your groups (same ones from the Brandt exercise), read over and discuss the reflective overview information. Reach general consensus about this information. Be able to explain your understanding of the material and ready to ask informed questions about this as well!

You should think of the documents that you select for the Core Outcomes and the Processes as pieces of evidences that you will need to discuss, refer to, and explain.

  • What
  • How
  • Why