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Dr. Hope Thacker

An Outstanding Islander

Photo of Dr. Hope Thacker

Musically Magnificent

Dr. Hope Thacker believes that the voice is a personal and vulnerable instrument because of its direct connection to the human body. When students are willing to allow her to help shape their vocal technique and their instruments, Thacker says beautiful things happen.  

“I believe that music is one of few disciplines that can truly touch all people,” said Thacker, Assistant Professor of Music and Voice. “Music allows me to be in constant contact with many wonderful people, helping each of them to learn better ways to use their voices and communicate through music.”

Thacker will begin her second year at the Island University this year, where she teaches studio voice, studio repertoire class, foreign language diction, vocal pedagogy, and vocal literature.

This year, she served as director of the “Islander Sound Waves: Summer Camp for Singers,” as well as a voice instructor, and acting for singers and vocal health class teacher. The camp offers high school students the opportunity to spend one week at the Island University for music, study, and fun.

Not only has Thacker been able to instill a love for music in her students, but she has also received several awards and honors from the National Association of Teachers of Singers (NATS). Most recently, she was selected as one of only 12 teachers invited to participate in the 2014 NATS Intern Workshop. She also placed fourth in the NATS-Artist Awards competition in 2012 at the national convention. Thacker has also had the privilege of making her Carnegie Hall debut recital in December 2013. 

“My goal is for my students, their students, and the general public to realize how vital music is to all our lives,” said Thacker. “Personal involvement in creating and performing music, regardless of style, is not only a historical part of the human experience, it is a vital one. We need music; I want people to remember that.”