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Bryan Hunt

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Improving Lives in Rural Africa

Not only did Bryan Hunt receive an “A” this summer for his directed independent study, but he also applied that knowledge to real-world situations in rural Africa. Hunt, a senior Mechanical Engineering student at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, recently visited Hanga, Tanzania, to help create renewable resource options for a community of 22,000 residents.

“The idea behind using renewable energy to provide clean drinking water is, that once the system is installed, it will function at no cost to the villagers,” said Hunt. “Basically, we can install the renewable resource and walk away. In rural Africa, being able to provide a community with clean drinking water can make a real impact.”

Hunt, who has experience as a Specialist in the U.S Army, says one of his major life-goals was to find a way to travel and give back to people, which is why he chose the field of mechanical engineering.

“I initially looked at industrial engineering, but then I discovered that I love mechanical engineering,” said Hunt. “The field is so diverse. I can do so many things, and I have so many career options.”

Hunt is working under Michael Cornachione, Project Advisor and Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering, to create a solution to improve the water quality for the people of Hanga. Hunt says that the project management experience in Africa will help him achieve his next life-goal to work for the oil and gas industry to develop a way to make exploratory drilling more environmentally friendly.

Hunt, along with students Cody Collins and Andrew Schippers, plan to return to Africa by August 2015 with a concrete way to improve the lives of the community.

“We plan to hit the ground running,” said Hunt. “We will pick the project, write grant proposals, design, test the designs, re-design, and then build the project.”