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Dina Ruiz

An Outstanding Islander

Photo of Dina Ruiz

Promoting Diversity

For the last two years, Dina Ruiz has been highly committed to celebrating the multi-cultural presence on campus and to promoting diversity among Islanders.  As President of the Islander Cultural Alliance (ICA), Ruiz creates an awareness of the organization to the Island University community, manages ICA’s social media accounts, and has increased multicultural and diversity programming for students.

“ICA has not only taught me so much, but it has also changed me,” said Ruiz. “ICA really pushed me to become more open minded and because of that, I've had the opportunity to know some really special people that I would have never been able to meet if it wasn't for being a part of ICA.”

The hard working senior, who has given her time to be a part of the Homecoming committee, the Hispanic Heritage Month kickoff celebration, and the Islander Lights toy drive, will graduate in summer 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Minor in Public Relations. As a nontraditional student, Ruiz faced several challenges including motherhood and working several years before returning to school, but her persistence has paid off.

            In addition to leading the ICA, Ruiz has gained helpful hands-on journalism and media experience prior to graduating. She has served as a Media Intern with Church Unlimited, formerly Bay Area Fellowship, and has worked as a reporter for both the Del Mar College Foghorn and the Island Waves student newspapers. She has excelled in journalism by receiving 1st place in News Writing at the 2012 Texas Community College Journalism Association Convention for her article “City Cans Crossing Guards.”

“I knew early on that if I wanted to have a career in public relations or communication that I had to get as much experience as possible,” she said. “News writing and working with the media is such a large part of the public relations field now.”