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Dr. Patrick Crowley

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Dr. Patrick Crowley

Fostering EU Studies

When Dr. Patrick Crowley helped create the first European Union Studies minor at the Island University in 2009, his hope was to open the eyes of the campus community in relation to the European Union (EU), and other international issues.

Crowley, a Professor of Economics, has made students aware of the United States’ relationship with the EU, helping them understand the EU’s integrated economic markets, elections, evolving political institutions, and that events in the EU do impact the U.S. and other parts of the world.  

“With a minor as a foundation in European Studies, students are more marketable to employers that invest time and money in foreign entities,” he explained. “Having this degree signals that the future minds of tomorrow know what is going on not just in the U.S., but also in the increasingly globalized world in which we live today.”

Classes for the new minor began in fall 2009. Since then, Dr. Crowley and Dr. Joseph Jozwiak received a grant from the EU’s Jean Monnet educational program to advertise and mount an external speaker program at the University. To date, both have organized seven distinguished visitors who have presented to students and the general public on topics related to the EU.

“These speakers have given our students and community members in South Texas greater exposure to Europe,” Crowley said. “These days, nearly everything involving the European economy has an impact on the U.S. economy. People overlook the fact that the largest traded flow of goods and services occurs between the EU and the U.S.”

Raised in the United Kingdom, Dr. Crowley is no stranger to the identity of Europe. Aside from the grant, Crowley has also been invited on several occasions to visit Helsinki, Finland to conduct research at the Bank of Finland, and recently organized an international research workshop for the Bank. Dr. Crowley anticipates that his efforts will help to graduate more “internationally-oriented students.”

“With a better background in European economics, students will have the ability to have a bigger impact right here in our own backyard,” he said.
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