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Nesreen Gusbi

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Nesreen Gusbi

Islam 101

As a representative to the University’s Ambassador’s Suitcase program, Libyan-born student Nesreen Gusbi is spreading the word that Muslims have more in common with other religions than many people realize.

Gusbi, president of the campus Muslim Student Association (MSA), has coordinated educational events such as “Islam 101,” and an Interfaith Dialogue panel. 

“I encourage people to talk with Muslims and to always question what they hear in the media,” said Gusbi, a junior pre-med major. “That’s one reason why the MSA holds such events. We want people to come and ask us their questions.”

As manager for the Muslim Girls Youth Group, she has helped organize projects including a fundraiser for people along the Kenya/Somalia border, where she helped collect more than 200 pounds of food and monetary donations to go toward buying food.

“I feel that there are few Muslims who are willing to speak out and take on leadership roles in Corpus Christi,” she said. “I am mentoring and encouraging the youth to take on these leadership roles in the community. I hope that they will carry the torch after I leave.”

Academically, Gusbi excels as well. She is vice president of the Honors Student Association and is a pre-calculus mentor for the National Science Foundation’s STEM Talent Expansion Program.

In December 2010, she traveled to Tanzania through the International Service Learning Program and collected data concerning public health from more than 500 people around Mount Kilimanjaro. While there, she assisted in a clinic, took blood pressures, prescribed medications and educated families about hygiene. She then presented her data at the University’s Honors Symposium.

“It was an amazing experience to meet all the families,” she said. “Even though I was halfway around the world, I felt at home because I had so much in common with the people.”

In the future, she plans on moving back to Libya to help improve the country’s health care system.
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