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Dr. Patrick Carroll

An Outstanding Islander

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Chronicling History
The more research that Dr. Patrick Carroll compiled for his second book, “Felix Longoria’s Wake; Bereavement, Racism and the Rise of Mexican American Activism,” the more he felt honored to write about this historical incident. Originally, the text was to be written by Political Science Professor Frederick A. Cervantes, but after Cervantes’ death in 1986, Civil Rights Activist Hector P. Garcia appointed Carroll, professor of history, to complete this undertaking. Cervantes and Carroll were instrumental in acquiring Dr. Garcia’s papers for the Special Collections Archive of the Mary and Jeff Bell Library. Carroll expresses gratitude to his department colleagues including Drs. Robert Wooster and Anthony Quiroz for providing guidance as he wrote “Felix Longoria’s Wake,” which garnered positive scholarly reviews and the Tullis Prize in 2003 for the best book published on Texas history from the Texas State Historical Association. Carroll, who joined the University faculty in 1976, is impressed with the campus growth he’s witnessed over the last 34 years. He explains that Texas A&M-Corpus Christi is a place where faculty and staff chose to continuously build on the University rather than just maintain it. As a current member of the Texas Humanities Speakers Bureau, Carroll has given more than 30 presentations across the nation and Mexico. And at the 2003 Texas Book Festival, he was a featured author. In 2004, Carroll received the University’s Excellence in Scholarship Award and has twice served as chair for the Department of Humanities, and as coordinator of the Graduate History Program and director of the Social Science Research Center.  He was also the first to hold the Joe B. Frantz Endowed Chair of History. Carroll was the campus organizer for the South Texas October premiere of the documentary film “The Longoria Affair” prior to its television debut on the PBS series “Independent Lens.” The event, co-sponsored by several prominent Mexican-American and veterans groups, included a discussion with independent filmmaker John Valadez. Carroll is now drafting the manuscript for his third book, “New Spain’s Social Trinity.”

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