Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

Detective Jesse Peña

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Detective Jesse Peña

To Serve and Protect
Detective Jesse Peña has no problem handcuffing criminals since he believes "bad guys" get what they deserve. In fact the Corpus Christi native, who began as a campus security officer in 1993 and became a police officer two years later, really loves his job. His mission is to apprehend suspects involved in crimes and to serve and protect the campus community. In 2004 Peña was assigned as a University Police detective. Peña's duties include obtaining arrest warrants for suspects, investigating new and ongoing cases, working with the District Attorney's office, returning property to its rightful owners and overseeing the evidence room. Peña, who enjoys working closely with his department to solve crimes, also serves as the department's firearms instructor.

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