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Clarissa Spear

An Outstanding Islander

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In the Pursuit of Fitness

Alumnus Clarissa Spear spends her days working at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, and her evenings in the gym training as a competition women's physique athlete. Spear is committed to making healthy life decisions, and strives to help others get in the best shape of their lives.

Spear, who received her Bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in Accounting from the Island University in 2010, had always loved weight lifting, but recently, decided to transform her passion into a career. During competition time, Spear hammers her body with workouts two or three times a day, and extreme dieting to morph her body into a lean, mean, free weight lifting machine.

“The funny thing is that the exercise and training is the easy part,” said Spear. “It’s the dieting that is the hardest!”

In November 2012, Spear entered the Lackland Classic amateur bikini event, her first women's physique competition, where she placed 4th out of 15. Spear also competed in the Arnold Classic in February 2013, hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, and is awaiting the final results. This summer, Spear will assist backstage at the Corpus Christi NPC Battle on the Bay body building competition. Her next figure and physique competition will be this October.

“Many people have said that I have inspired them to compete in a show, and they are ready to transform their body into the best shape ever,” said Spear. “I love that this market is growing in Corpus and I think it will bring a lot to our community!”

While training for her first competition, Spear and her husband, Jeremy, were referred to PureLine Nutrition, a supplement store in McAllen and Corpus Christi. The couple fell in love with the company’s high quality products. After building a relationship with the owners, the Spears were asked to take over the Corpus Christi PureLine Nutrition store.

The couple is extremely proud of the impact their store has had on the Corpus Christi community. They provide clients with free body composition tests, and write out free diet and meal plans for each individual’s specific needs.

“We want to help everyone we can by simply explaining how the body works and taking the time to understand each client’s goal,” said Spear. “We have had so many success stories.  I have shed several tears with clients that have come in and thanked us for everything we have done. It is the best feeling in the world!”


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