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Dr. Morteza Eslamian

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Dr. Morteza Eslamian
Molding Engineers for Tomorrow

Dr. Morteza Eslamian’s expertise and interest in Mechanical Engineering are the driving forces leading him to transform students in his classroom into the next generation of engineers.  

Eslamian is determined to mold engineers for tomorrow who can contribute to the traditional areas of Mechanical Engineering as well as emerging technologies of solar, wind, and geothermal.

Eslamian, who began his career at the Island University in August 2011, is currently an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering. He teaches courses in the area of Thermal-Fluids Sciences such as Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer.

“I want to engage my students so that they become just as good as others in the field,” said Eslamian. “I have high standards in training quality engineers, so I expect them to study hard and solve problems.”

His research is focused on coupled heat and mass transfer, transport phenomena in thermal systems, spray systems and atomization, nanoparticle formation and modeling, and fabrication of thin film solar cells. Currently, Eslamian is fabricating thin film solar cells. He has recently developed a mathematical model for the stimulation of polymer solar cell fabrication by spray coating.

He says the benefit of thin film solar cell research fabricated by spray coating to the economy is that it is less expensive to produce and requires fewer materials. Other benefits are that the cells are environmentally friendly and there is great hope to increase their efficiency as well. Eslamian is showing students his research on how to develop a fast and low-cost fabrication method to help reduce production cost. 

“We’re creating cutting-edge research and using state-of-the-art equipment to develop new technologies,” said Eslamian. “Because there is a high demand for energy, many groups and companies are investing in a new generation of solar cells for renewable energy.”

In the past eight years, Eslamian has published 42 refereed journal papers and five book chapters.  He currently has four research papers under peer review and is working on two more in nanofluids and solar cells.


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