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William Tapscott

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of William Tapscott

Sharp Focus
When William Tapscott began attending classes at the Island University in 1981, it wasn’t long before the campus learned about his professional experience, in which he had traveled the world capturing events on video/film. For the previous 20 years, Tapscott was a chief photographer for the United States Department of Defense, taking him on location in Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. In 1982, he was asked to become video producer for Information Technology Services, and in 1984, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Communications and TV/Film. At the time, he shot and edited all campus videos including educational and informational programs, historical documentations and other projects. He has shot groundbreakings, State of the University, an array of community events including Parade of Nations and Islander Revue, and many dignitaries and legislators. There are many reasons why Tapscott has grown attached to the campus for the last 30 years. Not only does he love his job, he plays a role in helping students get a college education and he is enthusiastic about the increasing number of international students. During his 50-year video/film career, he also worked on location for a dozen Hollywood films in such positions as driver, gofer and general helper. Tapscott, a volunteer investigator for PETA, also enjoys restoring antique cameras, working on his own films as writer and producer, and shooting video for non-profits and at area festivals. Throughout his life, Tapscott has collected more than 200 cameras, many of which are over a century old. His appreciation of vintage cameras began when his father gave him a Kodak Baby Brownie at age 12, followed by a 1930s Univex movie camera, both of which he still has today.

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