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Rene Zamora

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Rene Zamora

A Lasting Legacy

Joining the Islander family is one of the best decisions senior communication major, Rene Zamora, has made. As the current Vice President of the Student Government Association (SGA), Zamora has built positive working relationships and has had outstanding leadership opportunities that he would not have received anywhere else.

Zamora, who has been a part of the SGA for approximately two and a half years, has served as the Freshman Class Representative, Senator for the College of Liberal Arts, and was recently elected to serve as the Student Body Vice President last semester.

“As the Student Government Vice President, I have proactively targeted many concerns that students have at the University with the cooperation of the Student Government Association,” said Zamora. “Throughout my term as SGA VP, I have contributed to the overall increase in participation within Student Government, which exceeds that of previous years.”

Zamora says his personal goal has been to create a more student-friendly governance body that is formulized, fun, and proactive. He has achieved this goal through numerous efforts. These efforts include hosting meetings, events, and partnered activities such as the first-ever SGA T-Shirt Swap to promote school spirit; and by contributing to SGA’s “Meet the Mayor” event to inform students on the importance of voting.

His advice to his fellow peers is to get involved on campus. Zamora says being involved makes networking easier, which can lead to further opportunities after college.

“It is proven that you are more likely to succeed in school if you are involved,” he said. “Students should become more involved, whether it’s through SGA, a fraternity, or a sorority on campus.”

Zamora hopes to continue helping SGA grow, so that it will continue to remain a top organization once he has completed his degree in May.

“With graduation in sight, I plan to continue making strides in serving Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi,” said Zamora. “During my time here, I hope that I have left a positive imprint that encourages future growth and a lasting legacy.”