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Lincoln Walburn

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Lincoln Walburn

Guiding Young Leaders

Lincoln Walburn is dedicating his time as a student activity professional to make a significant difference in the lives of students and his colleagues at the Island University.

Walburn, who is currently working on his Educational Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, is the Assistant Director of the University Center and Student Activities. Prior to coming to the Island University in 2009, he worked at Western Carolina University and the University of West Georgia. Walburn also spent time serving in the United States Marine Corps Reserves.

“I enjoy working with students and I strive to help them see their true leadership potential as they move through school towards graduation,” said Walburn. “I’ve also enjoyed all of the connections and relationships I have built over the last few years with my colleagues across campus through various committees and events.”

His responsibilities include coordinating and developing a comprehensive facility program which includes facility operations and maintenance, risk management, scheduling and reservations, and the game room. He also hires, schedules, trains, supervises, and evaluates employees as well as develops and implements student staff development and training for the University Center student employment program.

Because of his significant contributions to the Island University campus, Walburn was recently recognized by the Association of College Unions International’s (ACUI) Region 12 with the Shirley Plakidas Outstanding New Professional Award, which honors the most influential leaders within the region. Walburn has also received a number of honors including his Eagle Scout Award and various military awards.

“One lesson I have learned is not to judge a book by its cover,” said Walburn. “You never know what individuals are going through or experiencing when they come into your office. It is important to take time to listen to them and help them the best you can.”