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Dr. Jacqueline Hamilton

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Be Well to Excel

In our fast-paced environment of academics, Dr. Jacqueline Hamilton encourages students, faculty, and staff to make time in their busy schedules for wellness. Hamilton recently gave a presentation titled, “Be Well So We Can All Excel,” at the Women’s Leadership Institute on the subject.

“Growing up playing sports and playing outside, I realized that I am one of those people who just have to move,” said Hamilton, Director of Recreational Sports. “I have benefited from physical activity throughout my life. If you can set aside 40 minutes each day to invest in yourself, then you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.”

Hamilton, who is originally from Grand Rapids, Mich., was drawn to the Island University for the area’s mild climate that is conducive to outdoor recreation. She maintains a healthy mind, body, and spirit, by staying active, and says others can benefit from this type of lifestyle. Hamilton says, when people take care of their personal wellness, it reflects in their work productivity. She strongly believes that this is the first step to a healthier campus.

While researchers are gaining a better understanding of the impact sleep deprivation and poor quality sleep has on our performance, Hamilton is working on several ideas to improve health and wellness around campus. Her newest project focuses on the promotion of quality and appropriate quantity of sleep. 

“In recent history, people have reduced their amount of sleep and haven’t thought about the long-term implications of getting inadequate amounts,” said Hamilton. “Our days have become so frantic and we think that we can get by with less sleep.”

One of her newest ideas includes adding sleeping pods to campus in areas such as the Dugan Wellness Center. Students will be able to take a refreshing nap, a much healthier choice than buying a caffeinated beverage to fuel them through the day. Along with access to the sleeping pods, she hopes to provide students with educational information on the importance of sleep.

“We are in the early stages, but we want to create awareness that more sleep will lead to higher quality of work and efficiency,” she said.