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Lisa Ferrell

An Outstanding Islander

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Ready, Set, Green!

Alumnus Lisa Ferrell has always been a fan of the outdoors and preserving the environment for generations to come.

“During my time at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, I’ve helped students realize that saving the environment doesn’t have to be inconvenient and expensive,” said Ferrell, an alumnus who graduated in fall 2012 with a Masters in Public Administration. “Students can have a direct impact on our planet by working together and contributing their green and creative ideas.”

In the spring 2011, Ferrell proposed her idea to install LED lighting within a second floor section of the library, causing a reduction of 8.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually.  Later that year, she presented her environmental service fee proposal before the Environmental Advisory Committee, and her plans were put into action.

With the library being the largest consumer of electricity among student areas on campus,  Ferrell’s eco-friendly plan to save nearly 7 million kilowatt hours a year has led her to new paths.

She was offered a research intern position with 3eWerks, a Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center company that recently installed the largest vertical-axis wind turbine project in the United States. Later, she was promoted to marketing specialist.

Ferrell’s proposal also helped her take on a new role as an instructor for a First Year Learning Community (FYLC) Triad Seminar class, where she worked with first semester freshmen. Throughout the semester, her class worked on developing research projects that focused on real world issues including sustainability.
Being an experienced environmentalist, Ferrell inspired her students to take pride in their work and express their passions.

“My students said I was a great resource because I knew where they could go or who to talk to for a project,” she said. “They also told me that I was easy to relate to because my background and interests were diverse and down to earth.”

Ferrell is excited about the next chapter in her life. She is applying for jobs in the energy industry.
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