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Adam Ersepke

An Outstanding Islander

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Behind the Scenes

Mechanical Engineering major Adam Ersepke feels a sense of pride and accomplishment for his work outside the classroom associated with two major Island University projects. He has worked hands-on with research pertaining to the campus wind turbines and the University’s RS-16 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

After serving in the Marine Corps for four years, Ersepke enrolled at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in fall 2009.

“I was attracted to the location of the school on the coast and the new Mechanical Engineering Program,” he said. “I’ve always been interested in the design of new things and how they work.”

Before the switch was flipped to turn on the largest vertical-axis wind turbine installation in the nation in 2012, Ersepke played a major role as a research assistant for Dr. Petru-Aurelian Simionescu, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Engineering Technical Program. Ersepke studied wind analyses, different types of wind turbines, wind patterns, and the best locations to build the turbines.

Ersepke was also involved in the research on the recent construction and flight testing of the (UAV) training and scientific research missions that took place over South Texas ranchland in January 2013. He trained as crew chief for the UAV launches, assisting in set up and launch of the communication system. The UAV carries an onboard multi-spectral camera which can acquire images that can be used to detect oil spills and other pollutants on water surfaces.

“I don’t know anywhere else where I would have had the chance to explore these experiences,” said Ersepke, who graduates in May and already has a job awaiting him with Chevron as a Deepwater Drilling Engineer in the Gulf of Mexico.

Through the Mechanical Engineering Program, Ersepke was able to gain knowledge in renewable energy and offshore technology, areas which interest him most.

“Green engineering is very rewarding as an undergraduate and has opened up many avenues of opportunities,” he said. “Working closely with the Engineering professors has provided me with many connections, a variety of experience, and specialized training.”
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