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Preparing Students for a Global Workplace

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Department of Communication, Edrick Ellis is working toward his goal of preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of a global workplace. Next semester, he’ll take on a new challenge when he becomes Professor of Communication teaching Organizational Communication here on campus.

Ellis, who will graduate with a Master of Arts in Communication in December 2014, has enjoyed making a positive impact on those around him while at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.

“I teach public speaking,” said Ellis. “I have found so much personal gratification in seeing our undergraduate students grow and develop a skillset that I know will serve them well in their collegiate experiences and also in their professional careers. Hopefully employers will also appreciate what we have helped to develop in our students.” 

Ellis has been honored by the School of Arts, Media, and Communication (SAMC) with the 2014 SAMC Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award. In addition, he also presented his work on immediacy in workplace interactions between superiors and subordinates at the 2014 Texas Speech Communication Association Conference.

“The department of communication has an organizational culture that allows students to excel and we are seeing our students regularly attending academic conferences and presenting their research,” he said.  

Ellis has used his time in graduate school to research what has been done to promote excellence in workplace organizations including researching student retail workplace interactions with their supervisors. To do this, he has drawn from his experiences in leadership and management in both the retail banking business as well as his 10 years in the military to help him complete his theses. In the future, he hopes to serve as an international organizational and instructional communication consultant. 

“With the globalization of the workplace, it is now more important than ever that workplace practitioners develop their skills related to emotional and cultural intelligence,” he said. “The world is in rapid transformation and I know that the Island University is doing its part to prepare the leaders of tomorrow.”