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Creating a Film Culture

Edward Tyndall, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, is drawn to the collaborative nature of film as a storytelling art. His interest for telling stories has taken him around the world, earned him various awards, and eventually led him here, to the Island University.

“This really is my dream job,” said Tyndall. “I get to spend a large portion of my time telling stories through film while working with fascinating people.” Tyndall has been teaching at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi since 2009. “When I’m not working on my own projects, I’m using those skills to help our students develop their own voices. It’s been a wonderful experience.”

Tyndall aims to create a film culture for students at the Island University. The South Texas Cinémathèque screening series, which spotlights innovative works by internationally-recognized independent filmmakers, was launched by Tyndall in 2009 as a way to broaden media production students’ exposure to the filmmaking industry. This program has brought Sundance winners, Emmy winners, and directors of major Hollywood and independent films to Corpus Christi.

“South Texas Cinémathèque allows students to have access to amazing filmmakers in an intimate setting,” Tyndall said. “The screening series is a perfect supplement to our curriculum, and combined with other initiatives, it helps create a rich learning environment that’s at the heart of the culture we’re trying to create.”

While enriching the educational experience for film students, Tyndall is also experiencing success with his film, “Reconvegence.” Gaiam, Inc. picked up the award-winning film for distribution this summer.

“I’m excited about any opportunity I get to connect audiences to my films, which is why the distribution of ‘Reconvergence’ beyond the film festival circuit is such a welcome opportunity,” Tyndall said.

Tyndall hopes to build the media production emphasis, which started at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi in fall 2014, into a top-tier program that produces highly qualified graduates with viable career paths.

“My success as a filmmaker equates to my legitimacy and effectiveness in the classroom,” said Tyndall. “I want my students to learn that filmmaking is a craft that takes years to master. If you continue to practice the craft, you will be rewarded greatly.”