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Roger DeAses

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Roger DeAses

Palm Pilot
When visitors drive through the Island University entrance, Rojelio DeAses hopes to see their faces light up as they observe the tropical landscaping, clean parking lots and overall neatness of the campus. DeAses, who is known by fellow Islanders for his infectious smile, has been a dedicated member of the Ground Services team since 1994. Over the last 16 years, he has witnessed the construction of many buildings including the Center for Instruction, the University Center and Camden Miramar Apartments. As a Groundskeeper III who arrives for work at 5 a.m., he has provided an array of services for the campus community. Currently, he is in charge of trimming palm trees that line Island Boulevard and numerous parking lots. And, he often assists other employees with their trees. Outfitted with a hard hat and a shield to protect his face from debris, safety glasses and gloves, he carries a chainsaw in hand and uses a man lift to reach the palms. He also played an important role in planting the Boulevard palms throughout campus. Not only does DeAses maintain the landscaping for specific areas, but he is also heavily involved with office moves and deliveries throughout campus. In addition, he is skilled with backhoes/loaders and tractors, and he edges and cuts lawns. During commencement ceremonies, DeAses participates in setting up needed items on stage such as chairs, flags and podiums. He has assisted at the Memorial Coliseum, the Selena Auditorium and presently the American Bank Center. For DeAses, working outdoors has its advantages. He is always one of the first to spot a sudden change in weather.

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