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Eric Lindgren

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Eric Lindgren

From Crushing Cancer to Commencement

Just weeks away from graduation, senior Environmental Science major, Eric Lindgren reflects upon his experiences during his time at the Island University as challenging but ultimately rewarding.

“College is a balancing act,” said Lindgren. “The quicker you can learn to balance, the sooner you will become successful.”

Lindgren did not share the same struggles as the average student. During his sophomore year of college, Lindgren was forced to balance life as a full-time student and an active member of Beta Theta Pi, Zeta Rho chapter, while he was fighting his own battle against testicular, liver, and lung cancer.

“The faculty and staff were more than accommodating to my situation,” said Lindgren. “Their patience and understanding, along with the support of my fraternity brothers, is what has helped me to get to graduation.”

In addition to the class work and fraternity events, he, along with the help of his family, was able to start the Lindgren Foundation, an organization devoted to spreading cancer awareness and tips on how to administer self-exams.

“My biggest sense of accomplishment comes from hearing the success stories of others who caught the cancer in its early stages,” said Lindgren. “I hope to continue to educate others on self-examination and early detection, and ultimately save lives.”

Lindgren plans to continue the legacy of the Lindgren Foundation by making and distributing self-examination cards and raising cancer awareness; and after walking the stage in May, Lindgren hopes to secure a job in either the oil and gas industry or in environmental policy, keeping him close to the Coastal Bend. This will allow him to remain active in his fraternity as an advisor.

“My experiences as an active member that held so many different offices have provided me a ton of knowledge and ideas,” said Lindgren. “After everything they have done for me, the least I can do is share that knowledge with younger chapter members.”