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Enes Yilmazer

An Outstanding Islander

Outline photo of Enes Yilmazer

Champion Windsurfer
Professional windsurfer Enes Yilmazer leads a thrilling, yet challenging career that takes him all over the world as he follows the PWA World Tour. The international student from Alacati, Turkey, who began entering competitions in his home country in 2004, is now a regular competitor in such locations as Miami, Maui, Germany, Turkey, Spain, South Korea and the Canary Islands. Yilmazer, who calls Corpus Christi his second home, has won numerous titles including the IFCA Slalom Youth World Champion in 2008 and 2009, a 21st place ranking at the 2010 PWA World Tour and second place at the Turkish Slalom Championships for the last two years. In addition, he was been twice honored as a successful athlete by the Turkish Sports Federation.  With these and other youth and men’s championships under his belt, Yilmazer, was searching for the perfect destination where he could train during the winter season and pursue a top-notch education. He found both at the Island University. The full-time business student, who received a scholarship when he enrolled at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi in August 2007, says the windy weather makes Corpus Christi an ideal windsurfing location, allowing him to practice up to three times a day. His time is divided among Corpus Christi during spring and fall semesters, Turkey during the summer, and other countries during spring break and year-round competitions. At age 13, Yilmazer’s father enrolled him in windsurfing school so that he would stay busy during the summer months. Immediately, he knew he had found his passion. Yilmazer, who tries to “push the limits,” says he is grateful for his windsurfing adventures, which have shaped his personality, enriched his life and taught him to achieve goals and jump on the next opportunity. Yilmazer is sponsored by Arkas Sport Club, Quicksilver, JP Australia Boards, Neilpryde Sails and Turkish Airlines. Despite a demanding lifestyle, he takes on the role as vice president of the Corpus Christi Windsurfing Association and handles public relations for the University’s Turkish Students Association. He is also involved in projects with several well-known  members of the Corpus Christi community. His goal is to encourage a younger generation to become more involved with a variety of water sports. He also maintains his fitness and stamina through surfing, cycling, running and motocross.

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