Marine Ecology Class Conducts 26th Annual Study to Provide Health Assessment of Oso Bay

March 04, 2014


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi students in Dr. Jennifer Pollack’s Marine Ecology Classes stayed up for 24-hours straight from February 28 through March 1 during the annual assessment of Oso Bay’s health. Students collected and studied water specimens from the area in between the Island University and the Naval Air Station.

“Students in the program are learning marine biology from books but have not had the opportunity to actually put on waders and get their hands dirty,” said Pollack. “This is a great chance for students to figure out if field biology is really what they want to do.”

This is the 26th consecutive year that the Marine Ecology Class has conducted a 24-hour study in Oso Bay, allowing future scientists to learn sampling techniques, and identify marine organisms. Students utilized five different stations to collect plankton using nets, and measure water quality.

“The diurnal gives me an understanding of how people go about executing field science,” said Lily Walker, a sophomore in the Marine Biology program. “I know this will be fun and I will learn a lot.”

After the results are tallied and analyzed, students will write an extensive research paper to describe the collections made and to compare this year with the previous studies.