Engineering Students Fly Unmanned Aircraft Systems During Engineers Week

February 21, 2014

UAS Lab Demo

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Engineering students showcased the Island University’s smaller Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in a lab demo Thursday as part of Engineers Week.

Dr. Luis Garcia, Assistant Professor in the College of Science and Engineering, and the students showed a maneuver that could be used in traffic monitoring, sending a ground rover to an accident location, and using the unmanned aircraft programmed to follow it to get images.

The students also showed how the aircraft can remain on target, despite any disturbance, represented in this demonstration by Garcia pushing it away. It hovered right back to its target.

Research in Garcia’s unmanned systems lab focuses on the mechanical engineering of UASs, working with rotors and controls to improve unmanned technology uses.

The Island University has had a UAS program for about two years, and the School of Engineering and Computing Science currently is adding faculty and classes to prepare students for this growing field.

The University’s Lone Star UAS Center of Excellence & Innovation was recently named one of six federally-approved test sites that will help provide data to the Federal Aviation Administration to expand research on new applications and safe integration of unmanned aerial technology into the national airspace.