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More Than a Dozen New Research Facilities Included in University’s New Master Plan

September 04, 2013

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Master Plan

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas—Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi revealed a master plan today that writes the script for development of both the Island Campus and the Momentum Campus. The plan will maximize available space to accommodate growing enrollment and evolving academic and research plans.

“This blueprint for the next ten years is essential as we begin to forge a new direction for programs at the University,” said Dr. Flavius Killebrew, President/CEO at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

The three main goals of the master plan are:

  1. Keep research and academic buildings together on the Island campus
  2. Use the Momentum Campus for student auxiliary functions and housing
  3. Enhance “green space” with strategically-located “spine” walkways.

“Keeping the academic buildings as well as the research facilities together on the Island Campus creates more opportunities for engagement among students and faculty, which research has shown leads to successful outcomes,” said Dr. Killebrew. “Having the Momentum Campus for sports, auxiliary functions and additional housing makes this possible, and we’re grateful to the City of Corpus Christi for having provided it.”

The master plan makes room on the Island Campus for 39 new buildings and four new parking garages.   The new buildings would include a life sciences research building, an arts and media building, an expansion of the Mary and Jeff Bell Library and a new Aquatics Center. 

Many of these new buildings will be needed for research. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi had about $15 million in research expenditures last year and expects to triple this number as it strives to obtain “emerging research status.”                  

Based on academic survey results and existing facility analysis, the largest space needs are in the College of Science and Engineering, where enrollment is expected to more than double in the next 12 years. The next highest need is for the College of Liberal Arts, which is expected to have a 150 percent increase in enrollment.

Across Oso Bay on Nile Drive, the master plan for the Momentum Campus designates 16 new buildings, including a convocation center, additional student housing, athletic facilities, and three parking garages.   These structures are in addition to the existing Thomas J. Henry Tennis Center, the newly-opened Dr. Jack Dugan Family Soccer and Track Stadium and the three new recreational sports fields.

The north-south walkway is currently the most liked outdoor space on campus.  Called “the spine,” this path is pedestrian-friendly and heavily used by students, faculty, and staff.  The master plan would replicate the spine’s landscape aesthetic in other parts of campus.  These walkways would be covered, making it easy and pleasant to walk from one area of campus to another. 

“In this plan, students in one discipline can easily walk across to another building to integrate a different discipline into his or her studies,” said Killebrew.

The master plan incorporates the additions of two new residence halls that opened this fall.  It also makes note of two new projects kicking off this year, construction of a new dining hall and the 35,000-square-foot expansion of the University Center.   

To learn more about the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi master plan, click here.

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