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University Graduate Students Awarded $9,000 to Study Coastal Waters

June 11, 2013

University Graduate Students Awarded $9,000 to Study Coastal Waters

CORPUS CHRISTI, TexasA group of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi graduate students will receive $9,000 in grants for their marine or coastal-related research projects.   

“Supporting graduate students at this critical time in their scientific careers, as they are learning how to develop and test hypotheses, collect and analyze data, and communicate their findings, is important to Texas Sea Grant,” says Dr. Pamela Plotkin, Texas Sea Grant Director. “This program also provides them with hands-on experience finding funding, writing competitive grant proposals, navigating the peer-review process and conducting funded research within a timeline and budget – important professional skills that are not covered in the classroom.”

The students all submitted research proposals to qualify them for the Texas Sea Grant.   The proposals were scored based on students’ academic and employment histories, the intellectual merits and broader impacts of the proposals, and the students’ statements of career goals and reference letters. The recipients are:

  • Matthew Streich, doctoral candidate, Marine Biology $2,000
  • Debra Hoekel, master’s candidate,  Biology $2,000
  • Travis Washburn, doctoral candidate,  Marine Biology $2,000
  • Kaitlyn Schroeder, doctoral candidate, Coastal and Marine System Sciences $1,000
  • I-Shuo Huang, master’s candidate, Life Sciences $1,000
  • Avery Scherer, doctoral candidate, Life Sciences $1,000

The Texas Sea Grant aims to promote scientific excellence and achievement by providing small grants in support of student research.  It was awarded to a total of 21 graduate students enrolled in Texas A&M University institutions in College Station, Galveston, and Corpus Christi, whose marine or coastal related research is relevant to Texas.  

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