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STELS Program Holds Symposium for University Scholarship Recipients

April 15, 2013

NSF Stels Symposium
CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas –The Scholarships to Enhance Life Sciences (STELS) program held its spring STELS Symposium on April 5 for the 19 biology and biomedical students receiving STELS scholarships to Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. 

The National Science Foundation funds the STELS program, which provides scholarships to academically-talented students with unmet financial need.

The students can receive up to $10,000 in scholarship funds, as well as, mentoring, career counseling, and internship opportunities to gain experience in the field.

“STELS means an opportunity to continue my education and move forward to make my dreams come true,” said junior Christine Jordan. “Without STELS, it would be very difficult to pursue my career goals.”

This year’s scholarship recipients are:

  • Alyssa Dawson: junior Biomedical Sciences major 
  • Cinnamon Hill: sophomore Biomedical Sciences major
  • Bolu Idowu: senior Biomedical Sciences major
  • Abigail Johnson: junior Biomedical Sciences major
  • Christine Jordan:  junior Biomedical Sciences major
  • Amber Kirton: senior Biomedical Sciences major
  • Daniel Martinez: junior Biomedical Sciences major
  • Shannon Murawski: senior Biomedical Sciences/BioChemistry major
  • Thien Nguyen: sophomore Biomedical Sciences major
  • Erin O’Brien:  junior Biology major
  • Nick Quimby: senior Biology major
  • Alicia Renck: senior Biology major
  • Dianne Rivas: sophomore Biology major
  • Christina Rivera: junior Biology major
  • Lee Rodriguez: senior Biomedical Sciences major
  • Dustin Smith: junior Biology/Mechanical Engineering major
  • Samantha Valdez: sophomore Biology major
  • Susana Villela: sophomore Biomedical Sciences major
  • Jessica Williams: sophomore Biology major


The goal of STELS is to relieve the financial burden on deserving students so that they may concentrate on their studies and achieve their educational goals. During the fall and spring symposiums, students are engaged in critical thinking skills through participation in interactive games, and team work. Each semester prior to the event, the students request certain topics they want to learn about at the symposium. Presentations are also given by professionals in the sciences which discuss their careers and experiences. Symposiums are coordinated by Dr. Suzzette Chopin, Regents Professor of Biomedical Sciences, who is principal investigator of the grant.

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