DATE:  January 27, 2006
CONTACT: Dr. Randy Bonnette, Associate Professor in the College of Education, (361) 825-3317; or Jorge A. Ramirez, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications, (361) 825-2427

The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents Approves Master’s in Kinesiology Program for A&M-Corpus Christi
The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents has approved a new master’s in kinesiology program for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. If approved by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at its April meeting, the University will begin taking applications prior to summer 2006 and begin classes in the fall semester.
Under the 36-hour program, students may choose between a thesis or non-thesis degree. The thesis option is the first of its kind on this campus in the college of education. The purpose of the Master of Science in Kinesiology is to educate knowledgeable professionals with a level of skill and ability significantly beyond that of the baccalaureate degrees in kinesiology.

“This degree is very important to Corpus Christi,” said A&M-Corpus Christi President Flavius C. Killebrew.  “Kinesiology is one of our fastest-growing majors at the undergraduate level.  It will provide an opportunity to those who wish to go beyond the undergraduate level. It also ties in with our strategic plan goals of expanding our graduate offerings.”

According to Dr. Randy Bonnette, head of the University’s kinesiology program, the program reflects a growing trend in kinesiology across the country is in exercise science. The master's degree is critical in this area in terms of job marketability. This degree will have the flexibility to address not only those needs of students in this field, but also the needs of students who desire to work in the sports management field such as professional sports and recreational facilities in the community.
“The breath and depth of this knowledge, specialized proficiencies and development of independent creativity provided in this program will allow graduates to practice in and contribute to the profession at a higher level,” said Bonnette. “This program will contribute to the professional development of certified physical education teachers as well as addressing the needs of those students interested in exercise science and sports management/administration.”

 Bonnette added that having this program along with graduate assistants will improve the research productivity of the University’s professors, which, in turn, increases the breadth and depth of the undergraduate programs by allowing them to stay abreast of current events and on the cutting edge of the field. It also will assist those students in the Corpus Christi area who typically do not have the means to travel great distances to achieve this degree. It can also impact the quality of education and knowledge of the general public by having better equipped, kinesiology professionals in our community.