DATE:  March 24, 2005
CONTACT: Jorge A. Ramirez, Assistant Vice President of Communications, (361) 825-2427; Melissa Goonan, Public Affairs Manager, (361) 825-2337

The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents Approve Possible Tuition Increase for Fall 2005 at A&M-Corpus Christi
Board also approves renaming of the Early Childhood Development Center

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi received approval from the Board of Regents of The Texas A&M University System today for a possible tuition increase of $0-$15 per semester credit hour for the fall 2005 semester. The University will be allowed to increase the Board Authorized Tuition segment of the total tuition cost, which is determined by individual universities.

The University held a public hearing in January to present to students the possibility of an increase in tuition to offset potential losses in state funding and to maintain University growth. 

“We are still working with the possibility of reductions in state appropriations to our budget for the next two years, with a real possibility of a 5 percent reduction below the current spending level,” said Dr. Flavius Killebrew, A&M-Corpus Christi president. This would amount to a $2 million a year loss of state funding from current levels. 

“Because we won’t know our budget until this summer, we are being prudent and considering restructuring our tuition schedule in order to provide our students the high quality education they have come to expect,” said Killebrew. “If state allocations should prove adequate, tuition may not increase or the increase will be low. We are steadfast in our goal of keeping our University affordable to students.”

According to Killebrew, if tuition were increased, the income would be used to provide grant aid for students with financial need and to support instruction andenrollment growth, including expanding class offerings, increasing faculty and staff, providing competitive compensation, and maintaining three new buildings on campus.    

In another agenda item, the Board of Regents approved the naming of the University’s Early Childhood Development Center as the Blanche Davis Moore Early Childhood Development Center. The teacher training facility, in partnership with Corpus Christi Independent School District, provides a dual language educational program for children age 3 through fourth grade.

University President Killebrew said the naming of the Center is a fitting tribute for the support the Blanche Davis Moore Foundation has given to the University and to early childhood education for current and future generations.

Also approved by the Board of Regents was an increase in parking fees, which will lead to construction of 300 additional new parking spaces adjacent to the new Performing Arts Center by Fall 2005.