DATE:  July 7, 2005
CONTACT: Dr. Dorothy S. McClellan, Professor of Criminal Justice, (361) 937-2217, (cell) (361) 739-5250, (fax) (361) 937-1722, (e-mail)

Announcing the First International Conference on Children's Rights & Education for the 21st Century

We are delighted to announce the First International Conference on Children's Rights & Education for the 21st Century to be held in our beautiful, sparkling city by the sea, Corpus Christi, Texas from Tuesday, July 26 to Saturday, July 30 at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. There will be over 70 presentations and workshops by scholars and professionals from across the US and around the world. (Our list of presenters is attached.)

The Mayor of Corpus Christi, Texas has proclaimed July 26-30 ‘Corpus Christi Days of Children’s Rights & Education.’

The conference is announced on the New York Times website.

Overall Mission

The best way to secure world peace and promote democratic nation building is to create an educated, open-minded leadership class among the next generation of youth.

To that end we are calling together people who wish to build an international network of caring professionals, children, parents, teachers, NGOs, humanitarian organizations, government officials and politicians to develop an agenda for children's rights & education for the 21st century.  Our desire is to learn from the successes of programs and from theorists from many disciplines about their efforts on behalf of youth.

One distinctive feature of our conference will be the presence of children from around the world.  We are inviting governments, schools, NGOs, religious and humanitarian organizations, to host children delegates from their countries and regions. 


  1. To develop global consciousness about the importance of building communication and relationships between children - family - social institutions - government.
  2. To enhance innovations in education, proposing new teaching methods & transfer of knowledge. 
  3. To build awareness of the importance of developing a healthy relationship between humans and the planet.
  4. To establish a World Youth Democracy Movement, Islands of World Youth, World Youth Human Rights Camps, and a world magazine - Globe Zoom.
  5. To cooperate with organizations around the world to promote children's rights and duties, democratic expression and understanding.
  6. To enhance the development of extra-institutional activities that promote civic engagement & personal development (ethical, moral, ecological, democratic, creative, humanitarian, political, and economic).

Conference Themes

Children's Rights in a Global World 
One Family: Relations between Children - Parents - Teachers - Society 
The Earth & Me: Relations between Humans and the Planet
What I Want To Be: The Individual & the World of Work (emotional, economic and environmental stability)

Conference Hosts to Date

* Alliance of Universities for Democracy

* The New York Times

* Texas A&M University-CC

* Croatian Society for Children's Human Rights

* UNESCO’s European Centre for Higher Education

* Moscow State University

* East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

* Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi

* Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce

* Applied Scholastics International

* City of Corpus Christi

* Education Service Center - Region II Texas

* French Academy of Sciences

* Phi Delta Kappa - Coastal Bend

* InFocus - International Eye Care Foundation

* Texas/Oklahoma District, Division 4 of Kiwanis International

Location, Lodging & Activities

The conference will be held on the campus of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi -- a 300+ acre island in the Bay of Corpus Christi on the Gulf of Mexico. Meals and cultural events have been planned around Native American, Mexican, Texas, cowboy, and classical themes. We have also arranged visits to the Texas State Aquarium, the Museum of Science & History & to Padre Island National Seashore (90 miles of protected white sand beaches). Lodging is available at the Holiday Inn Emerald Beach and on our beautiful campus. 

Keynote Speakers

* Sergei Avdeev, Russian Astronaut - three international space flights, space walker, holds world cumulative space time    duration record
* Dr. Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Explorer in Residence
* Lt. Commander Juan Garcia, US Naval Aviator & Attorney, U.S. Senate candidate
* Barbara Gilles, 1999 Teacher of the Year, 2004 Teacher of the World
* Dr. Flavius Killebrew, President, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
* Dr. Ruzica Maric, Curator of the Eltz Castle Museum, Vukovar, Croatia
* Felice Nudelman, The New York Times
* Dr. Yves Quere, French Academy of Sciences
* Joseph Rodriguez, Award winning photographer & author of Juvenile and East Side Stories: Gang Life in East LA
* Peg Thatcher, Founder & Director, Project to End Rape Internationally