DATE:  November 5, 2004
CONTACT: Jorge A. Ramirez, Assistant Vice President for Communications, (361) 825-2427; Melissa Goonan, Public Affairs, (361) 825-2337
  Editor’s Note: Dr. Furgason will be available to answer media questions about the agreement by appointment only on Friday, November 5 from 10-11 a.m. To schedule an appointment call the Office of Public Affairs at (361) 825-2337.
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Statement on Alcohol Sales at Basketball Games

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi has signed an agreement with SMG, the management company employed by the city to manage the new arena. The University has agreed to permit the sale of alcohol at University basketball games.  This is primarily a fiscal decision made in order to secure a reasonable rate structure for rental of the arena, and the program will be carried out on a trial basis during the first year of a five-year contract with SMG.   

University officials stated that alcohol consumption among adults must be done responsibly, that the University does not under any circumstances condone underage drinking, and that several programs on campus continually educate the student population on the danger of such activity.   

The following excerpt from the agreement the University signed with SMG spells out the detail of the alcohol sales: 

Licensor agrees that in connection with the sale of alcoholic beverages in the Arena during a Licensee Event (a) the concessionaire at the Arena will perform personal identification checks and issue wrist bands to consumers of legal drinking age; (b) such wrist bands will contain three (3) “tags,” with the holder of the wrist band being required to give the cashier and/or distributor of alcoholic beverages a “tag” in connection with the purchase of each alcoholic beverage; (c) each cashier and/or distributor of alcoholic beverages will be of legal age and have received all training required under applicable law for the service of alcoholic beverages; (d) unless otherwise consented to in writing by Licensee, no alcoholic beverage will be sold or distributed in the seating area of the main arena; (e) the sale and distribution of all alcoholic beverages will cease no later than ten (10) minutes remaining in any Game as indicated by the official game clock; and (f) alcoholic beverages will only be sold in twelve (12) ounce cups. Additionally, Licensor understands and agrees that after the lapse of one (1) year of the Term of this Agreement, Licensee may revoke the ability to sell alcoholic beverages during a Licensee Event. Licensee expressly understands and accepts that such a revocation may result in a higher Minimum Fee (lower and upper bowl) charge for Licensee's use of the Arena.  In the event that the concessionaire ceases using wristbands as described in clause (a) above, alcoholic beverages will not be sold unless and until Licensee consents to an alternative plan for providing such beverages, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed.