Hike and Bike Trail

at Texas A&M-Corpus

The trail was designed to be enjoyed by both fitness enthusiasts and nature explorers. The lighted trail is an excellent location to walk, bike, rollerblade or jog while taking in the splendor of Ward Island. The trail is for everyone, including our wildlife. Please respect their rights as co-inhabitants of the Island.

Map of University hike and bike trail

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Hike and Bike Trail Distance Key

Point A to Point B .3 miles
Point B to Point C .1 miles
Point C to Point D .5 miles
Point D to Point E .4 miles
Point E to Point F .1 miles
Point F to Point G .2 miles
Point B to Point F 1.1 miles
Point A to Point E 1.4 miles
Point A to G & back to A 3.2 miles
There are "rest stops" at points C, D, and between D and E.

Hike and Bike Trail Rules
and Regulations

The trail is lighted from dusk to dawn, daily.
Use caution, wildlife in area.
Remain on the paved path at all times.
Do not disturb the wildlife.
Authorized motor vehicles only.
Animals must be leashed at all times.
Walkers stay to the right.
Cyclists, skaters, skateboarders, must yield to foot traffic.