Office of Marketing

Ashley Larrabee Ashley Larrabee
Director of Marketing

University Services Center, Rm. 107
Office: 361.825.3020 

Brenda Davis Brenda Davis
New Media Specialist

University Services Center, Rm. 102D
Office: 361.825.5788

Lizzy Guerra Lizzy Guerra
Web Specialist

University Services Center, Rm. 103C
Office: 361.825.3968

Randy Lara Randy Lara
Creative Services Manager

University Services Center, Rm. 102B
Office: 361.825.5510

Edgar De La Garza Edgar De La Garza
Digital Imaging Specialist

University Services Center, Rm. 103A
Office: 361.825.2746

The Office of Marketing provides print, digital media, photography, and video services to develop the University’s image and brand. The Marketing Office leads the University’s Web Council in coordinating the presence of the University through the website and assisting in website planning for University departments and offices.

As the University’s arm for both internal and external marketing, the Marketing Office emphasizes the use of strategic and integrated marketing that support the University’s mission and goals.

The Director of Marketing maintains and grows the University brand through advertising campaigns, publications, recruitment, retention, and institutional support pieces. The director also approves departmental logos, co-branding, and collateral materials in all mediums that reach internal and external audiences.