University President Flavius C. Killebrew

Flavius C. Killebrew As I begin my second year as president of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, I feel once again deeply honored to be leading this excellent public university, which continues to receive outstanding academic recognition, both regionally and nationally.

During my first year, I have met an exceptional group of faculty and staff who are committed to continuing and accelerating this institution’s growth. Because of their support and dedication, our University continues to function at a very high level. I have met a cadre of exceptional students whose commitment to attaining a higher education motivates us all. Finally, I have met numerous community supporters who foster our long-standing relationships.

During the summer, representatives from these three groups—faculty and staff, students and community members—engaged in a strategic planning process resulting in Momentum 2015, a broad-based plan which charts the University’s course for the next 10 years.

The plan centers on the principles of excellence, engagement and expansion. Twelve imperatives defined by these principles were identified to lead the University toward our goal of becoming an area flagship university and a university moving towards comprehensive doctoral status.

Following the publication of the Momentum 2015 plan, we conducted focus groups with local leaders and friends to help us gauge the community’s views on our plans for the future. Concurrently, we surveyed our alumni and other constituents. This feedback, which will eventually become part of a needs assessment, will drive our undertaking of reaching our Momentum 2015 goals.

The vision is ambitious, but I believe we can achieve it. To become a comprehensive research university requires an increase in our faculty ranks and an expansion of our research capabilities. We will meet these challenges with the same commitment we have met others, such as increasing enrollment, programs, faculty and staff, and maintaining our high academic standards.

Our achievements are so much more remarkable given the ever-present challenges of diminishing state funding, an increasing need for scholarships, and our focus on recruiting more minority students from the area that we serve.

But while the challenges are great, so are the accomplishments. A recent $4.3 million federal grant will allow us to provide healthcare training through a virtual reality platform. The Height Modernization Project, another federally funded project, will allow our researchers to help better prepare the community for the potential devastation of hurricanes.

At the heart of our success is the support of donors, and particularly donor leadership, as exemplified by the Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Foundation. Our Foundation Board members are the dedicated stewards of University resources, as well as friends who care deeply about the success of our University. Foundation Board members have a direct role in improving the lives of our students through education and resources.

As I embark on my second year of leadership at this great university, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to all who make us the viable, growing, credible presence that we are. We are blessed to work closely with people who care so deeply about the accomplishments of the University. With your continued support and leadership, the future is indeed very bright for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

Texas A&M Corpus Christi Foundation • Annual Report 2005