Annual Giving

The Annual Fund raises funds for the five University colleges. Participating alumni help improve the University while also improving the quality of their own degree. Island Callers, students employed in the Development Office, call alumni to provide an update on what is happening on the campus and ask for their contributions to the Fund. Gifts in this group were received from September 1, 2004 through August 31, 2005.

President's Society Provost's Society Dean's Society Century Club Island CLub
president's society
Mr. and Mrs. Avinash C. Ahuja
Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Allen
American Bank
Regent Emerita Anne L. Armstrong
Baldwin & Crosstown Animal Clinic
Bank of America
Ms. Catherine P. Bartoli
Behmann Brothers Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Jeff Bell
Mrs. Jean N. Boatwright
Mr. Mark E. Bohling
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Boudloche
Mr. Gary Brown
Buckley & Associates, L.L.P.
John J. Buckley ’80
Mr. Charles C. Butt
Justin A. Butts ’99
Ms. Trudy Campbell
Carlisle Insurance Agency, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. John O. Chapman
Dr. and Mrs. Eliot Chenaux
Christus Spohn Hospital
Citgo Petroleum Corporation
Coastal Bend Community
Coastal Conservation Association
Copeland’s Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. Cornish
Corpus Christi Caller-Times
Corpus Christi Cotillion Club
Corpus Christi Estate
Planning Council
Corpus Christi Industrial Lion Club
Corpus Christi Medical Center
Mrs. Genevieve Cox
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Crutchfield
Mr. Ken DeDominicis
Charles L. Doraine ’70
Dougherty (James R. Jr.) Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Foundation
Driscoll Children’s Hospital
Duro Bag Manufacturing Company
Mr. and Mrs. Dusty Durrill
Ms. Patricia M. Eisenhauer
Elaine E. Barbiere Foundation, Inc.
Estate of Heidi Lorraine Serrao
Estate of Rudolph Hafernik
Estill Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Fagan
Fidelity Investments
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Finley III
Flint Hills Resources
Frost National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Fulton
Mrs. Kathryn G. Funk-Baxter
Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Furgason
Dr. and Mrs. Humberto Garcia
Jane P. Gumm ’84
Karla L. Gutierrez ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Haferkamp
Joseph K. Hall ’99
Vivian E. Harlan ’91
Mabel M. Harper ’00
Vicki K. Harper ’85

Vicki W. Hart ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hayes
Janice M. Heinold ’00
Kelly L. Heist ’01
Mr. and Mrs. William HemmickRosie and Richard Garza
Mr. Raymond D. Gignac
Dr. and Mrs. Charles B. Gover
Grace Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Grimes
Dr. Veronica A. Guerra
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Haas
The Honorable Rene Haas and
Mr. David Perry
Dr. Mary Jane W. Hamilton
Mr. Willard H. Hammonds, Sr.
Dr. Sandra Harper
Herndon Plant Oakley, Ltd.
Hest Fitness Products
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hicks
Mr. and Mrs. Bill D. Hill
Drs. Denise and Trent Hill
Jeannette L. Holloway ’54
Dr. Dee Hopkins
Houston Endowment Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Hulings
Humana, Inc.
Ms. Cathy Hurley
Industrial Fabricators of
Corpus Christi
Mr. Shelby A. Jordan
Jordan, Hyden, Womble & Culbreth
Dr. Betty Joyner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kaffie
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kane
Kenedy Memorial Foundation
Kendra Kinnison ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn N. Klein
Dr. Harvey R. Knull
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Kuhfeldt
L&F Distributors
Laverne and Thomas Howell
Nigel F. Leach ’52
Woo Sung Lee ’59
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Leshin
Mr. Leon S. Loeb
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Logsdon
Ms. Patricia L. Lyle
Linda L. May ’88
Dr. Robert D. McMinn, Sr.
McNutt (Amy Shelton)
Charitable Trust
Meadows Insurance Agency, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. George J. Merriman, Jr.
Mobil Corporation
Moore Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Moorhead
Morris L. Lichtenstein, Jr. Foundation
Patty and Joe Mueller
Nueces County Medical Society
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nuss III
Regent and Mrs. Erle A. Nye
Mrs. Karen O’Connor
Michael A. O’Connor
Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Orser, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Owen
Mrs. Jennifer Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Paulson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Pedrotti
Ms. Bonnie Pereida
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Plant
Rachal (Ed) Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Ralston
John Rambo ’63
Regent Emerita Maria G. Rangel and
The Honorable Jorge Rangel
Dr. Jim A. Rennier
Eugene E. Rhemann ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Al B. Rhode
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Richter
Rotary Club of Corpus Christi
Ruth Parr Sparks Foundation
Saltwater-fisheries Enhancement
Sams (Earl C.) Foundation
Scott Electric Company
Scripps Howard Foundation
Sembradores De Amistad
Mrs. Patricia A. Shackelford and
Mr. John Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sheinberg
Ronald L. Shelton ’89
Mrs. Toby Shor
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Smith
South Texas Hispanic/Student
Dr. Blair D. Sterba-Boatwright
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. Stoner
Mrs. Celika Storm
Stuart Four Square Fund
Surveying and Mapping, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam L. Susser
Dr. Pat Suter
TAMU-CC Psychology Club
Dr. and Mrs. Sergio Tavares
The Zachry Foundation
Howard W. Townsend ’51
Dr. John W. Tunnell, Jr.
Valero Energy Corporation
Rosie R. Vela ’79
Noel O. ’82 and Nilda Vella ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin B. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin D. Way
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Weber
Welch (Robert A.) Foundation
Wells Fargo Bank
Whataburger Restaurants
Mr. and Mrs. C. Ivan Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Winn
Winn Exploration Company Inc.
Zonta Club of Corpus Christi
Provost's Society
($500 - $999)
Alpha Delta Kappa-District IV
Ms. Lina Amador
Timothy R. Anderson ’00
Dr. Linda D. Avila
Mrs. Yvonne M. Babbitt
Dr. Ray Bachnak
Mr. Jerald O. Barnes
Annie Bowersox ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Bownds
David A. Calderon ’91
Cohn Properties
Mr. R.N. Conoly
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Crotty
S.M. Cunningham ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Daniels
Ms. Rita Degon
Del Mar College
Ms. Rosario Deleon
Coy L. Denton ’79
Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Dieckert
Ms. Paddi S. Farmer
Dr. John D. Fernandez
Gannett Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Garza, Jr.
Dr. Dan M. Goad
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny L. Golden
Bridgette Hardin ’02
Dawn Henderson ’78

Mr. and Mrs. Raul Hernandez
Richard L. Honnick ’84
Kathy O. Hooper ’95
International Bank of Commerce
Ann M. Jaime ’81
Elgin R. Janssen ’88
Mr. and Mrs. David Jasinski
Mrs. Alicia N. Jasso
Johnson & Johnson Family of
Terry N. King ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Leininger
Ann V. Leslie ’94
Bradley T. Lile ’95
Mr. John D. Lowe
Yolanda L. Luethcke ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel R. Lujan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Markoff
Bob E. Maroney
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. McClure
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Munoz
National Collegiate Honors Council
Nelnet Marketing Solutions
Ellen Kaye Nelson ’65
Betsy A. O’Lavin ’77
Mr. Gilbert R. Oropez
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Orsak
Mrs. Eleanor R. Patacsil
Elizabeth A. Payne ’02
Gilda E. Ramirez ’92
Mr. Jorge A. Ramirez
Mrs. Kathryn S. Reyna
Kristie L. Reynolds ’02
Ms. Yvonne M. Salazar
SBC Communications, Inc.
Charles C. Sides ’84
Randy F. Sijansky ’95
Mary E. Smiley ’94
Charles P. Smith ’92
Dr. Marilyn K. Spencer
Paula and Charles Stansell
State Farm Life Insurance
Mr. and Mrs. Joel F. Stephens
Gail S. Sutton ’84
Ms. Caroline M. Terrazas
Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Christina K. Thompson ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Vail
Dr. Robert J. Vokurka
Mrs. Clarice Wallock
Whelan and Associates
Ms. Barbara Wiegand
Bette D. Williams ’64
Christina M. Ybarra ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Kim R. Young
dean's Society
($250 - $499)
Ms. Joy Anderson-Rodriguez
Bruce R. Auerbach ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Bain
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Baker
Harriet S. Becker ’92
Dr. Adolfo Benavides
Mr. Stanley E. Berkefelt
Mr. and Mrs. Federico S. Betancourt
Dr. David M. Billeaux
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Bledsoe
Mr. Ray Block
Boeing Company Incorporated
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Bowden
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bradbury
Mr. and Mrs. Bill G. Bray
Mr. and Mrs. Truman F. Breivogel
Merrill Bronnenberg ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Garnett T. Brooks, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey D. Brown
Mr. Richard Burkett
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Byatt
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Calahan
Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Camacho
Rosario M. Campos ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Carlisle
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Armando G. Carrasco
Mike T. Casey ’96
James J. Cashion ’71
Maria Nora Cason ’80
Dr. Valrie J. Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Diego Chapa
Mr. and Mrs. Jesus H. Chavez
Suzzette F. Chopin ’03
Ms. Joyce W. Cloud
Lisa G. Coleman-Bonner ’92
Dr. Linda Cook
Ms. Robbie Cooper
Roberta Cornelius ’85
Mrs. Susan Anderson and
Mr. Leslie Cowdrey
Ms. Donna Dacy
Aaron W. Dalrymple ’01
Ms. Joanne C. Danaher
Mrs. Irene Dauphin
Bobbie G. Davenport ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Martin C. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Garland R. Dieringer
Mr. and Mrs. Scott E. Doublestein
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Doughty
Alvis L. Dowell ’60
Virginia Mika DuBose ’93
Kerri D. Durham ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Eckols
Mrs. Robin A. Ellis
Dotty M. Evans ’49
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Evans III
Deborah A. Farenthold
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Farrell
First National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Ramundo Flores
Mr. James H. Fowler, Jr.
Mr. Lynn Frazier
Jeannie T. Gage ’03
Ms. Esmeralda Galindo
Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. Garcia
O.B. Garcia ’54
Sandra Garcia ’97
Rosaena Gutierrez Garza ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Garza
Dr. Richard Gigliotti
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Gonzales
Mr. and Mrs. Rogelio Gonzalez
Melissa Longoria Goonan ’95
Dr. and Mrs. Ray Graf
Ms. Kathy P. Greene
John W. Grunenwald ’75

Mrs. Kathryn Grupp
H.E. Butt Grocery Company
Mr. Arthur B. Haas
Ms. Dee Harkins
Elizabeth C. Harnden ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Herman
Mrs. Consuelo Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hernandez
Gloria Hewlett ’62
Elaine R. Hoffman ’89
Shirley M. Homan ’96
Mr. and Mrs. DeMar Hopson
Ms. Carol Houp
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunt
Amy D. Jacobs ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Jacobs
Arnold Jasso ’79
Mrs. Dorothy Jessel
Johnson Controls Foundation
Mr. Philip M. Johnson
Jeanene S. Jones ’83
Mr. and Mrs. David Joost
Patricia M. Jordan ’75
Michael J. Kennedy ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney King
Mr. and Mrs. Richard King III
Elizabeth A. Kiolbassa ’79
Mr. and Mrs. David Knight
Dr. Karen Koozer-Olson, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Mike Kramer
Rhonda G. Krauss Caldwell ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kusak
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth I. Lawrimore
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan L. Lawson
Kirstin L. Lawson ’99
Dr. Eve L. Layman
Ms. Debora Leak
Mrs. Roberta L. Lehman
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Lehrman
Domingo E. Lerma ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Lopez III
Mr. and Mrs. Xavier Lopez
Frank A. Lucido ’78
Dr. Don Luna
Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Mangum
Raissa M. Marking ’00
Mr. Benjamin Marshall
Adelaido Martinez, Jr. ’98
Joe L. Martinez ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Martinez
Ms. Pamela S. Matlock
Don L. McBride ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Haley McBride
Mrs. Theretha Wallace and
Mr. James McClure
Dr. Phillip D. McEndree
Alex S. McNair ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Melendez
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo P. Mendiola
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Mirts
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mohs
Mr. Alonso Molina
Sylvia M. Montalvo ’82
Captain and Mrs. Rocco Montesano
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Munoz
Daniel J. Murphy ’82
Barbara S. Nebrat ’77
Mr. Richard Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Nesser
Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Newton
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Nicholls
Chris M. Nicosia ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Oliva
Gabriel Ortega ’01
Ms. Diane Ortiz
Randy G. Palmer ’86
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Patten
Roberto Pena ’93
Mr. Efrain Perez
Ms. Yolanda Ponce

Mrs. Ceily Pratt
Grady Price Blount ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus L. Priesmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Pryor
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Pulido
Patricia Quintana-Perron ’94
Ms. Belia A. Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. Rosendo A. Ramirez
Mrs. Janice Reich-Rabe and
Mr. Clifford Rabe
Mr. and Mrs. Amedee S. Richard
Ms. Shelly Riley
Heather C. Robertson ’96
Ms. Dorothy Rodriguez
Mrs. Elena Romero-Vizcarrondo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Rowell
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ruther
Betsy J. Ryan ’87
Dr. and Mrs. Jack A. Sahadi
Mr. Andres Saldana
Ms. Kathleen C. Santrock
Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark
Mrs. Rikki Schnitchel
Ms. Paula W. Schraub
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Schultz
Mrs. Barbara Schwind
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew W. Scott
Mr. Randy L. Scott
Dr. Ronald D. Scott
Winston G. Sexton ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shaw
Shell Oil Company
Dr. Richard E. Shepperd
Dr. Caroline Sherritt
Earl D. Simpson ’57
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Smith
Ms. Regina Smith
Dr. Robert L. Smith
Mr. Ronald N. Smith
Ida S. Snodgrass ’76
Steven D. Speer ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Kaleb Stepp
Ann F. Stuetzer ’98
Sammie S. Svadlenak ’90
Tim Swaty ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swistak
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Tagle
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Tedford
Richard P. Thomas ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Towne
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Trevino
Pamela S. Trimble ’95
Nilda E. Vella ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Verduzco, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Villarreal
Juan D. Villarreal, DDS ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Dan W. Viola
Mr. and Mrs. Doc Wagner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Wagner III
Mr. and Mrs. William Westover
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Westrup
Lee I. White ’95
Ms. Corina Whitt
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Whorton
Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Wigginton
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williams
Rhonda W. Williamson ’01
Mrs. Kathy Winston
Mr. Walter Winters
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wolter
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Wooster
Dr. Robert A. Wooster
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wooters
Cheryl M. Worley ’90
Randolph L. Wright ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Yezak
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Yunkun
David A. Zacher ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Rickey R. Zarder
Ms. Katherine Zikos
century club
($100 - $249)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Aaronson
Lance R. Abernathy ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Aboud
Rose M. Abrego ’03
Mrs. Polly Acheson
Fernando M. Acosta ’99
John R. Acuna ’03
Juan J. Adame ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Aguilar
Laura A. Aguinaga ’01
Steven T. Aiken ’91
Fred Akins ’85
Norma L. Alaniz ’94
Charles B. Alexander ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Byron G. Allen
William L. Alsop ’62
Maria D. Alvarado ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Jose V. Alvarez
Margarita Alvarez ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass L. Anderson
Mrs. Nelwyn B. Anderson
Ruel R. Apacible ’93
Georgia A. Arledge ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Juan A. Armadillo
Deborah L. Arnold ’95
Louie Asuncion ’01
Thomas H. Aughinbaugh III ’68
Lee Avelar III ’99
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Avena
Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Ayala
Carie D. Bailey ’97
Michael E. Bailey ’93
Ms. Donna Baker
Douglas H. Baker ’97
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Baker
Charles M. Baldwin ’63
Bruce A. Balli ’03
Ronald A. Ballou ’72
Brent A. Balusek ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Banda
Ms. Elizabeth C. Banuelos
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Barba
Barcom Commercial, Inc.
Linda M. Barganski ’97
Mr. and Mrs. John Barlow
Susan L. Barnard ’82
Louis G. Barrera ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto S. Barrera
Horace H. Barrett, Jr. ’51
Eric R. Barrica ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Jesus E. Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Brent W. Bates
Martha M. Bath ’73
Ms. Linda A. Bauer
Leticia Bazan ’00
Judith Beckett-Dodenhoff ’86
Ms. Sally Beels
Bud M. Beene ’84
Suzette C. Bellows ’98
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Benavides
Mr. Rene Benavidez
Mr. and Mrs. Rodger E. Benbow
Mrs. Opal Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Bevill
Ms. Maxie L. Beyer
Linda C. Bickham ’86
Ms. Sally R. Bickley
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Birdy
Nanette M. Bishop ’97
Betty J. Black ’74
Gail I. Blackmon ’92
Dr. Eugene M. Bland
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Blaylock II
Albert J. Bledsoe ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Blesener
Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Bligh
Bea Blomquist ’98
James E. Boisvenue, Jr. ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Bolinger, Sr.
Martha S. Bollier ’02
Mark S. Bolus ’90
Dr. Rosalinda Bonilla and
Mr. Ruben Bonilla
Dr. Randy Bonnette
Christopher C. Bopp ’99
David Botler ’73
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bourie
Jennifer M. Bowman ’03
Mr. and Mrs. David Bownds
Mr. and Mrs. Ben R. Boyd
Ms. Deborah Boyd
Eric D. Boyd ’93
Dr. and Mrs. Fred B. Brackett
Denise Bradford ’94
Molly S. Bradford ’92
Ms. Janis Brandy
Gary M. Bree ’69
Walter N. Breland ’85
Dr. John M. Brendel
Linda M. Brennan ’94
Mr. David Bretz
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Bridges
Tom O. Brines ’92
Mr. Stephen Brinkman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Brock
Mr. Richard Brodsky
Carolyn E. Broussard, RN ’96
Barry M. Brown ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Brown
Rita M. Brown ’03
Ms. Sharon Brown
Julie A. Browning ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Don Brumley
Cantrell E. Bryan III ’65
Ms. Virginia C. Buckley
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Bugay
Mr. and Mrs. Leonid Bunegin
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burch
William T. Burke ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Burns
Cherie G. Bushwar ’94
Tamra K. Buxkamper ’98
Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
Clay Caldwell ’99
Stacey A. Caldwell ’02
Diana L. Callaway ’88
Tom T. Callicott, Jr. ’92
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Campbell
Edna M. Campbell ’90
Wayne E. Campbell, Jr. ’78
Ms. Connie Campos
Graciela M. Campos ’89
Diana Canales ’87
Melisa Canales ’04
Nada F. Cano ’00
Ms. Diana S. Cantu
Mr. and Mrs. Aristeo Cardiel
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Carroll
Amy M. Carter ’03
Joycelyn C. Carter ’66
Andrea K. Castilla ’03
Cupid Castillo ’96
David G. Castillo ’89
Summer M. Castillo ’00
Mrs. Esmeralda Catacora Ybarra
Billy D. Causey ’67
Ms. Viviana S. Cavada
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco E. Cavazos
Mr. and Mrs. David Cave
Dora H. Certain ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Chait
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Chance
Diane G. Chandler ’75
Dr. Chuleeporn Changchit
Mr. Bryan Chappell
Cathleen C. Chatham ’76
Dr. Amanda L. Chesser
Betty Williams Clark ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence L. Clark
Mr. Dennis Clarkson
Sue A. Cobb ’63
Ms. Dee A. Coffeen
Gary S. Colella ’85
Nora W. Coley ’91
Esteen R. Collins ’89
Rebecca S. Collins ’79
Columbia Healthcare
Mr. and Mrs. Gaudencio M. Colunga
Beto W. Contreras ’94
Mr. Victor Contreras
Ms. Misty Conway-Norsleet
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Corby
Corpus Christi Oil and
Gas Company
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Cortese
Ms. Debra A. Cortinas
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Cota
Debra S. Cotter ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Couch
Ms. Carrie C. Coursey
Dr. Catherine I. Cox
Ms. Brenda S. Crabtree
Mr. Gene Crain
Cindy K. Cravey ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Bronson Cravy
Teresa E. Crawford ’03
Joseph K. Crouch ’80
Mary N. Crowder ’66
Melanie A. Crutchfield ’03
Ms. Sylvia Cruz
Mr. and Mrs. George Culver
Rhonda P. Cunningham ’03
Christine M. Custer
Hilde Cutter ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Dahlman
Daggett F. Darrough ’88
Pat Darsey ’82
Mrs. Ana Davila
Ms. Donna Davila and
Mr. Anthony Perez
James R. Davis ’95
Dr. Vivian Dawkins
Dolores De Angelis ’61
John De La Garza ’76
Brian I. De La Rosa ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo De Leon, Jr.
Stephanie L. Deason ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse J. DeLeon
Mr. and Mrs. Efren Delgado
Mr. and Mrs. James DeSantis
Mr. and Mrs. Esmond DeSouza
Marge S. DeWitt ’90
Mrs. Johanna DeYoung and
Mr. John Vindekild
David Diaz ’63
Ms. Tammy Diller
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Dixon
Belinda G. Dominguez ’04
Mr. Dan Downey
Carl J. Duckwall ’86
Barbara W. Dunk ’74
Travis W. Dunlap ’98
David Duran, Jr. ’75
Sonya M. Durrwachter ’00
Susan A. Duschatko ’83
Ms. Christina L. Dykes
Dr. and Mrs. Alejandro Echeverry
Ms. Jerry Eddins Largin
Jo Ann H. Ehmann ’80
Lindley M. Eldridge ’01
Ms. Ramona Elisardo
Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigo Elizondo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis
Monica Y. Ellison ’96
Windolyn Evon English ’92
Barbara A. Enloe ’90
Sonia M. Escamilla ’00
Diane Escoto ’94
Ms. Denise Esquivel
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Esse
Mr. Charles L. Etheridge
Gladys Etheridge ’69
Ms. Karen Evans
Inez M. Ewart, C.P.A. ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Fadeley
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Fankhauser
Judith Y. Farmer ’85
Ed Fauver ’58
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Fernandez
Diana E. Fernandez-Chavez ’02
Debra S. Fincher ’93
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Finegan
Leiana D. Fish ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan L. Fish
Ms. Annette B. Flemings
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Flewelling
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey C. Flinn
Mr. Richard Flinn
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Floerke
Dina V. Flores ’91
Randy E. Flowers ’88
Ms. Janet Foerster
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Foster
Mrs. Patricia Fowler
Patricia L. Fox ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Rene M. Franco, Sr.
Susan C. Franke ’89
Mary J. Frausto ’02
Randall L. Freeze ’94
Ralph M. Fritz, Jr. ’67
Ms. Marie Fuentes
Thelma L. Fuentes ’99
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Fulcher
Ms. Alice F. Gabbard
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Joe P. Gallo
Ms. Pam Galloway
Mr. Joe Galvan
Nelson Galvan ’00
Edward Gamez ’78
Juan G. Garces ’89
Edward S. Garcia ’86
Erica A. Garcia ’04
Javier N. Garcia ’03
Julio Garcia, Jr. ’89
Mrs. Lupita Garcia
Ms. Mary Garcia
Pamela L. Garcia ’94
Carl E. Garmon ’03
Dr. Sherrye D. Garrett
Belinda Garza ’01
Deana L. Garza ’04
Edward Garza ’87
Ms. Elizabeth Garza
Jaime R. Garza ’83
Jorge G. Garza ’81
Lisa R. Garza ’03
Norma T. Garza ’99
Patricia L. Garza ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Garza
Larry R. Gates ’61
Ms. Lynn S. Gates
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gayle
GE Foundation
Lyle B. German ’70
Jeffrey B. Getchell ’82
Jan K. Geyer ’98
Allison E. Gibson ’98
Rolando A. Gill ’91
Jacqueline C. Gilles ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Gillinger
Gordon R. Gilmore ’58
Mr. Charles G. Glasscock, Jr.
Mr. Justo N. Godines
Maciej T. Golonka ’04
Cynthia A. Gomez ’87
Dorothy R. Gomez ’83
Jennifer M. Gomez ’98
Joseph P. Gomez ’03
Victor Gomez ’02
Mr. Joseph Gonnell
Maria L. Gonzales ’91
Tyra Lee Gonzales ’89
Mrs. Veronica Gonzales
Juan J. Gonzalez ’02
Ms. Laura G. Gonzalez
Ms. Martha Gonzalez
Rebecca Gonzalez ’03
Sylvia Gonzalez ’80
Marjorie E. Goodenough ’77
Sandra M. Gracia ’90
Ms. Deidra D. Graves
Kimberly K. Graves ’95
Barbara A. Greenwood ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Greer
Dr. Melva L. Griffin
Ms. Linda S. Grubaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Grumbles
Mr. Daniel Guartuche, Jr.
Priscilla Guerra ’97
Graciela Guerra-Gonzalez ’98
Mrs. Heather F. Guerrero
Mr. James B. Guillen
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest G. Guillen, Jr.
Ms. Rosie Guillen
Gabriel N. Gulotta ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Gutierrez, Jr.
Ms. Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs
Ms. Sharon Haag
Jonda Lee Halcomb ’94
Ms. Kathleen T. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Hall
Martha C. Hamilton ’53
Ridge A. Hammons, Ph.D. ’83
John C. Hancock ’54
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley D. Hardell
Sarah A. Harden ’83
Ruth Harding ’71
Ms. Cindy R. Hardy
Hurschel W. Harrison ’91
Michael D. Harvey ’93
Dr. Janis E. Haswell
Mary L. Hauptmann ’98
Tyrus T. Hawkins ’57
Jimmie R. Hawthorne ’99
Joyce G. Hawthorne ’00
Mrs. Elvira F. Haynes
James S. Haynie ’76
John C. Haynie II ’71
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hayward
Brenda K. Hellums ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Helm
Mr. and Mrs. David Hemmi
Ann M. Hennis ’81
David C. Henny ’66
Ginger P. Henry ’75
Gwen K. Henzi ’85
Alfredo L. Hernandez ’88
Carmen Hernandez ’99
Mr. Eliseo Hernandez IV
Lee Hernandez ’03
Ms. Mary Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Ramiro Hernandez, Sr.
Gayla B. Herschler ’93
Alan A. Hervey ’88
Ralph H. Hesse ’51
Vicki Blankenship Hewitt ’79
Meliton Hinojosa, Jr. ’01
Angela C. Hiracheta ’03
Amanda L. Hlavinka ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Hodde
Douglas E. Hoening ’89
R. Hoermann ’83
Susan G. Hofer ’86
Ms. Wendell A. Hoffman
Elma D. Holden ’65
Raquel Holden ’99
Robert E. Holm ’89
Patricia E. Holubec ’86
Lori C. Homeyer ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Hoover
Ross D. Hoskins ’86
Karen M. Houston ’02
Karen J. Howden ’77
Werner A. Hradecky ’86
Kenneth H. Hucker ’99
Jimmy W. Hudson ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Huerta
Lois C. Huff ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Hyatt
Keith A. Ibrom ’90
Tony Infante ’96
Stephanie E. Isaacs ’91
Deborah K. Jackson ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton M. Jackson
James A. Jacobs, Jr. ’87
Yvonne Jaggard ’77
Jeff E. Janko ’85
Jose L. Jauregui ’02
Christopher E. Jeffers ’96
Dr. Gary A. Jeffress
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jenkins
Mr. David A. Jensen
Cassidy B. Johnson ’01
Diana R. Johnson ’91
Mr. William P. Johnson
Dr. Claudia L. Johnston
Joye D. Johnston ’55
Charles E. Jones ’97
Donald S. Jones, Sr. ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylon M. Jones, Jr.
Robert C. Jones ’53
Margaret K. Jordan ’91
Devonne R. Jurica ’02
Kevin W. Jurica ’97
Mrs. Noreen A. Kalien
Karen K. Karagas ’92
Greg A. Karl ’02
Visrunkala S. Kasba ’03
Neil Kavakos ’78
Katherine M. Kearley ’94
Davis D. Keele ’96
Stefanie J. Kelley ’96
Paula D. L. Kelly ’89
Celeste D. Kendrick ’00
Tricia L. Kennedy ’92
Donna G. Kiening ’00
Walter C. Kilgus II ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford King
Ms. Kimberly A. King
Nancy H. Kinkler ’87
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kirby, Jr.
Garry S. Klein ’94
Charlotte M. Knesek ’86
Lisa L. Knott-Williams ’90
Kathryn A. Knupke Rutherford ’89
Gina A. Koch ’81
Lisa M. Kopacsi ’02
Dr. Thomas H. Kreneck
Daniel R. Kueck ’01
Melissa A. Kulchak ’88
David W. Kureska ’89
Mrs. Sandra H. Kureska
Ms. Janice M. Lackey
Lam Research
Amaro G. Landin ’91
Mrs. Denise C. Landry-Hyde
Shirley A. Lankford ’92
Mrs. Juana M. Lara
Dr. Patrick D. Larkin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Larronde
Deborah D. Leal ’98
Ms. Nancy Lee
Roy L. Lehman ’80
Carl A. Leihardt ’91
Ms. Maria P. Lenhart
Dr. David G. Leo
Ms. Rose M. Leonard
David L. Lewis ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Gilberto G. Lewis
Ms. Margaret C. Leza
Matthew D. Limos ’00
Mr. Carroll C. Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lint
Elizabeth B. Lively ’60
Mr. Daniel Lomas
Mr. David G. Longnecker, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Pedro A. Lopez, Jr.
Jesse S. Lopez ’96
Ms. Sara Lopez
Yvette Lopez ’77
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Lorentson
Christina L. Losoya ’00
Dr. Margaret A. Lucero
Ann C. Luttman ’02
Dao T. Ly ’78
Mrs. Debbie Lyssy
Dr. Ian R. MacDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Madden
Maldonado & Maldonado, M.D., P.A.
Michael C. Maldonado ’97
Thomas H. Mann, Jr. ’87
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Marbach
Samuel N. Marroquin ’58
Mrs. Joy Marshall
Ms. Joyce H. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Martin
Adriana Martinez ’01
Ms. Cynthia Martinez
Leticia A. Martinez ’95
Nelda Martinez ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Martinez
Lana N. Massengale ’90
Ms. Kim Matthews
Susan Matthews ’89
Dr. Cynthia Maurstad
Jud Maxfield ’56
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. May
Ms. Lou A. May
Dr. and Mrs. Glennon Mays
Ms. Kim McAllister
Yvonne Y. McBee ’89
Ms. Brenda K. McClain
Jennifer L. McClaren ’90
Barbara R. McDowell ’86
Glynn A. McGregor ’87
Dr. Margaret A. McGuire
Leslie A. McIntosh ’81
Katherine I. McKamey ’90
Ms. Eugenie McKee
Jane McKee ’75
Dr. John D. McKeever
Mr. and Mrs. Prince McKenzie
Cheryl Lisa McNair ’95
Mrs. Nancy A. McVey and
Mr. Gary Kombrink
Mr. and Mrs. David Medina
Ellis Medina ’85
Ms. Maria Medina
Clarissa A. Mejia ’99
Ms. Martha Melero
Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie T. Melia, Jr.
Karen R. Mella ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mendoza
Mrs. Kathy Mengele
Ms. Emilia Mercado
Ms. Shelley C. Meridith
Yvonne Messer ’49
Dr. Pamela S. Meyer
Priscilla Milam ’83
Mrs. Patricia Miles
John F. Miller ’96
Mitchell T. Miller ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Miller
Mr. Tommy L. Miller
Ms. Estela Molina
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Moloney
Leticia Moncivais ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Mondin
Ms. Yolanda Montemayor
Ms. Isabel Montiel
Mr. Jarrel L. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Moore
Diane Morales ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel R. Morales
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos G. Morales
Ms. Joanne E. Moreau
Reynaldo Moreno, Jr. ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Morin
Mr. and Mrs. Faron W. Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Morrow
John W. Moseley ’98
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Motes
Mrs. Linda Motheral
Ms. Cherlene Moulton
Thomas Moy ’02
Ruben Moya ’98
Nancy H. Mrazek ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Mudd
Mrs. Rachel Muniz
Laura S. Munoz ’97
Ms. Lucinda Munoz
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Nance
Ms. Renee Nank
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Nardone
Juan Narvaez ’78
Marianne Naugle ’91
Dr. James A. Needham
Joyce M. Nelsen ’78
Frederick C. Nelson ’83
Jay A. Nesbit ’95
Ms. Darlen Ness
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley R. Newman
William W. Newsom ’04
John J. Nicholson ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Nickel
Brien A. Nicolau ’91
Margaret A. Nourse
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Novosad
Pat J. O’Boyle ’86
Celina G. Ochoa ’95
Stephen R. Odrobina ’78
Larry Olivarez, Jr. ’01
Ms. Marvarene Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Olson
Mrs. Irma Olvera
Victoria Onwuchekwa ’85
Janet L. Oprisko ’93
Rita S. Orchard ’93
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Ortiz
Mr. Martin Ortiz
Oscar O. Ortiz ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Osman
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Woody Owens
Charles A. Pack ’98
Julie Padilla ’02
Marilyn Pagel ’78
Ms. Monica R. Palacios
Roel Palacios, Jr. ’83
Mr. and Mrs. Prakash B. Patel
Ruth A. Patrick ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Patton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pavlik
Mr. Robert J. Payne
Ms. Cecilia Pazderny
Dr. Dan Pearce
Frances W. Pena ’97
Mr. Gilberto Pena, Sr.
Jennifer M. Pennington ’02
PepsiCo, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo Perales
Mr. and Mrs. Jose D. Perez
Thelma A. Perez ’86
Patrick J. Perron ’90
Ms. Josie Peters
Ms. Carole L. Peterson
John R. Pettigrove
Ms. Losestine Pettis
Patricia C. Philipps ’85
Deborah L. Phipps ’98
Ms. Claudia Pichardo
Derek D. Pierce ’00
Carlalee Pineda ’92
Plano East Senior High
Band Boosters
Mary A. Plattner ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Pleasant
Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Plomarity
Olga Plomarity ’84
Rose Anne H. Poff ’77
Dr. Cathy A. Pohan
Sharon J. Polansky ’80
Cathy E. Polderman ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Pollack
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Ponce
Cynthia Porterfield ’96
Maurice G. Portis ’92
Mr. Jeff Pratt
Dr. Katherine Price Blount
Ms. Lezlie Price
Carl L. Pults ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Quintanilla
Mike Quintanilla, Jr. ’87
Daniel R. Ramirez ’90
Rene R. Ramirez, Jr. ’04
Mary J. Ramos ’92
Robert D. Ramos ’95
Beverly A. Randolph ’78
Ms. Maria Rangel
George M. Redus, Jr. ’75
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Reeves
Yvonne E. Regalado ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Reinhardt
Ms. Ida Rendon
Sandy L. Renfrow ’91
Mrs. Jeanne Reyes
Ruby J. Reyes ’95
Ms. Yolanda Reyes
Daniel Reyna ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reynaga
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Rhode
Mr. and Mrs. Amedee S. Richard
Candice B. Richards ’00
Brenda J. Richardson ’78
Christina D. Rickard ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Sid C. Ridlehuber
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Riedesel
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Ries
Rio Algom Mining Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Severo R. Riojas
Melinda Rios Davis ’95
Mrs. Jessie Rios
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Roberts
Migdalia A. Roberts ’00
Theresa G. Robertson ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Sturgis A. Robinson
Mrs. Olga Robles
Ms. Sandra Robles
Mary E. Rodman ’69
Ms. Dalia Rodriguez
Edna M. Rodriguez ’80
Ms. Janie Rodriguez
Mr. John P. Rodriguez
Ms. Maria C. Rodriguez
Ms. Rebecca Rodriguez
Tracie Smithwick Rodriguez ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Sammy R. Rodriguez
Ms. Deborah Roerig
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Roesel, Jr.
Catherine J. Rogers ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton L. Rogers
Ms. Nancy Rogers
Mrs. Kim Rokohl
Andrew K. Rolf ’00
Mr. B. David Rose
Robert K. Ross, Jr. ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Rowell
Frances M. Rowlett ’77
Mr. Joseph Roznovsky
Linda H. Rubalcaba ’78
Brendan S. Ryan ’97
Cinda Sabia-le Bus ’94
Alberto G. Saenz ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Saenz
John M. Saenz, Jr. ’69
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Salazar
Marc A. Salazar ’89
Ms. Juanita Saldana
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salsman
San Antonio Area Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo A. Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sanchez, Jr.
Julie C. Sander ’91
Elizabeth J. Sanders ’91
Sharon G. Sanders ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sandidge
Audelia V. Sandoval ’03
Trevor D. Sandy ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Saski
Mr. Luis Saucedo
Joseph Savage ’02
Mary A. Saylor ’95
Mrs. Danette Schaffner
Craig A. Schkade ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Schlekewy
Dr. and Mrs. George B. Schneider
Josephine L. Schuenemann ’91
Mr. Charles T. Sears, Jr.
Mr. Robert Sedillo
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Seeger
Deborah A. Seeger ’95
Mr. Ed Seeger
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Segovia
Dr. Lon H. Seiger
Commander James K. Sellers
Mrs. Eunice Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Steven K. Sherwood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sherwood
Monte L. Shores ’80
Mr. Barry J. Shuemaker
Elizabeth A. Shumate ’90
Mrs. Christine M. Shupala
Ms. Lidia Sierra
Ms. Linda Siller
Ms. Pamela K. Simek
Mr. Warren L. Sippel, Jr.
Rocio G. Skinner ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Slaughter
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Smalley
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Smelley
Mr. and Mrs. Carl T. Smith III
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan I. Smith
Denise E. Smith ’92
Elizabeth Smith ’83
Ms. Hollie Smith
Ms. Karen Smith
Mrs. Kelly Smith
Mrs. Lori Smith
Richard A. Smith ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. Smith
Janet L. Smythe ’94
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Snelson
Nicki Sohn ’99
Juan E. Solis ’91
Kimberly M. Soliz ’99
Melissa J. Soliz ’96
Southwestern American
Financial Corporation
Dana E. Spaeth ’84
Ms. Cheryl Spaniol
Bill G. Spencer ’75
Ms. Diane Spinuzzi
Adrienne M. Sportsman ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Stephens
Mrs. Pamela E. Stetina
David W. Steward ’77
David V. Stewart ’99
Joni Stewart ’88
Lawrence C. Stines ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stovall
Michele Didear Stovall ’82
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Stover
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Strauss
Mr. Harry L. Stromgren
Ms. Stephanie Stromgren
Toss A. Stubbs ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Styra
Ms. Judith A. Sutherland
Thomas R. Sutherland ’03
Catherine A. Swift ’99
Dr. Sharon P. Talley
Ms. Joyce A. Tangedahl
Mrs. Linda Tavel
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Teran
Inez M. Thetford ’96
Willa Thomasson ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Bjarne Thuesen
Linda L. Tilghman ’92
Dr. George D. Tintera
Dr. Philippe Tissot
Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Tomanec
Linda F. Torno ’83
Mrs. Margaret G. Torres
Ms. Becky Torres
Ms. Cheryl S. Trask
Ms. Connie L. Trask
Mrs. Vilma Travis
Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Trevino
Irene B. Trevino ’99
Jimmy M. Trevino ’87
Ms. Leonor Trevino
Ms. Michelle Trevino
Mrs. Sharon Trice-Erben and
Mr. Phillip Erben
Dr. Gonzalo E. Trillos
Mr. and Mrs. Juan A. Troncoso
Marleen A. Truesdell ’86
Joe M. Tullis ’63
Toni B. Tungate ’85
Felix N. Turnbough, Jr. ’75
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Turner
Susan G. Turpin ’84
Ruth A. Umfleet ’78
United Parcel Service
United Way of the Coastal Bend
University of Houston
Mr. and Mrs. David Urrea III
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Valdez
Irma A. Valdez-Cevallos ’84
Ms. Alenka Vale
Alfred Valenzuela ’02
Hector G. Valle ’89
John E. Valls ’95
William P. Van Praag ’70
Jerry C. Vandergriff ’64
Kathleen C. Vanecek ’88
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Varin
Mrs. Elizabeth Vera
Nancy S. Vera ’85
Dr. Javier Villarreal
Laura C. Villarreal ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Villarreal
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Villegas
Ms. Cynthia Vinson
Monica A. Waggoner ’03
Patricia A. Walker ’92
Ms. Beverley Wallace
Wilson F. Walraven ’79
Daniel A. Walters ’90
Ronda S. Walton ’94
Joan M. Wanek ’92
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Wanek
Clayton B. Watson ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Watters
Geraldine Wehman ’79
Ron Weikum ’81
Ms. Dorcas A. Weir
Claudia P. Wells ’92
Kara M. Wells ’04
Ms. Cynthia L. West
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. West
Wayne M. West ’86
Joseph P. Whalen ’04
Danice R. Whetstone ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Whitehouse
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Whitley
Joan E. Whitmire ’79
Dr. Ray E. Whitmire
Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Whitwell
Mr. Thomas E. Wiesman
Jill D. Wiggins ’98
Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Wilcox
Bessegene L. Wilkinson ’66
Cristina Williams ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Williams
Ms. Sarah Williams
Shanna M. Williams ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Williamson
Mr. Arnold Willingham
Chastity Wilson ’99
Mrs. Judith Wilson
Steven M. Wisnoski ’03
Shelley A. Womack ’86
Michael C. Wood ’93
Yolanda G. Woodring ’77
Allen R. Woodward ’02
Dawn V. Wooten ’97
David S. Worst ’02
Dianne E. Wright ’91
Elaine M. Wright ’80
Mrs. Melissa K. Wright
Cynthia T. Ybanez ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ybarra, Jr.
Eric L. Yeager ’94
Piedad Ymbert ’82
Joann G. Young ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Young
Ms. Eva Youngblood
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Zacharias
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben L. Zaragoza
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Goglas
Ricardo Zuniga ’03
Island club
($50 - $99)
Mr. and Mrs. Rosauro R. Abeto
Oyeyemi Y. Abioye ’04
Angela V. Acevedo ’02
Al L. Acock ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Amador Acosta, Jr.
Lauren N. Adair ’04
Kyle W. Adams ’87
Dahlia Aguilar ’00
Irene E. Alaniz ’90
Kristina L. Alaniz ’01
Mr. Gerardo Alejandro
Mr. and Mrs. James Alexander
Judy B. Allen ’95
Colonel and Mrs. Robert Allen
Ms. Norma Y. Allsup
Josefina Alvarez ’89
Elsa C. Amaya ’01
Ms. Carolyn M. Appleton
Barbara A. Arras ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro Arreola
K. Starr Bailey ’01
Connie L. Baker ’99
Barbara H. Balko ’04
Diane M. Baray ’86
Bar-B-Q Express
Jerrie V. Barker ’84
Dagoberto Barrera ’59
Manuel Barrera ’90
Mr. Rodney J. Bartels
Mr. and Mrs. John Bass
Wendy L. Batek ’02
Lee Beasley ’86
Ms. Vicki L. Beck
Tyrone S. Beggs ’87
Anna M. Benavides ’79
Mr. and Mrs. Alvaro Benavides
Marcia A. Bennett ’83
Shirley D. Berryman ’93
Jason R. Besanceney ’02
Emma Blasingame ’79
John R. Blaylock ’03
Constance N. Bonich ’03
Mr. William D. Boone, Jr.
Mr. Charles Booth
Cheryl L. Bost ’82
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Boudreau
Jessica V. Bowers ’03
Sherry L. Bowers ’03
Shelly L. Brandt ’85
Andrew D. Bridges ’90
Jane G. Briones ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Lance Brodbeck
Carmen V. Brooks ’99
Tamara J. Brown ’98
Mr. William R. Bruce
Mrs. Faye Bruun
Dr. Gregory W. Buck
Jennifer L. Burkett ’04
Ms. Dawn Burns
Ms. Vivian Burns
Kerri E. Burr ’02
Jerry H. Bushong ’84
Brenda C. Cameron ’95
Dr. Kirk V. Cammarata
Cathy L. Camp ’87
Harold B. Campbell ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Campbell
Sylvia R. Canales ’96
Irma C. Cantu ’77
Jennifer L. Cantu ’00
Linda M. Cardwell ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Javier Carrizales, Jr.
Mrs. Marie Carrola
Sue A. Catherman ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Caughron
Martina Cepeda ’91
Josie Y. Cerda ’99
Dr. Mindy Chang
Raynaldo A. Chapa ’87
Mr. Richard T. Chapman
Ms. Laura Chavez
Diana G. Cheek ’95
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Choate
Jerome C. Clifton ’92
Philip G. Cohen ’89
James R. Cole ’70
Judy M. Coles ’03
Sherry K. Collins ’04
Ms. Lupita Comenero-Suarez
Amanda M. Comstock ’00
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Cook
Lydia Cordova ’55
Irene Cortinas Hinojosa ’03
Alan K. Cotter ’85
Ms. Mary Couteau
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Cranek
Ms. Susan Crenwelge
Linda K. Cribley ’97
Mr. and Mrs. John Cringole
Genevieve Crouch ’96
Faydale E. Curtice ’03
Maruthi H. Dantu ’01
Laura S. Davis ’81
Dr. Marybeth L. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Davis
Roberta B. Davis ’76
Sandy K. Davis ’80
Casey J. Dean ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Randall W. Dear
Marion J. Dearman ’85
John D. Decordova ’02
Roberto G. DeLeon ’00
Tomas B. DeLeon, Jr. ’83
Victor B. Dervage ’62
Raghavendra P. Desiraju ’03
Mrs. Glenda M. Detling
Richard L. Devault, Jr. ’02
John R. Dixon ’95
Ms. Enriqueta B. Dominguez
Mary C. Dorn ’02
Laura L. Douglas ’01
Marlynn M. Douglas ’02
Dow Chemical Company
Ronald L. Dow ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Drennan
Rick A. Durham ’88
Herminia Durkin ’79
Darrell E. Earwood ’02
Kimberly A. Eggert ’96
Rhonda R. Eimer ’01
Steven C. Erickson ’81
Rose V. Esquivel ’99
Adele M. Farrell ’70
Precious R. Farrell ’03
Ms. Cindy Farris
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Blanch
Hector D. Fierova ’00
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Flott, Jr.
Roger W. Floyd ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Tracey L. Foerster
Bruce G. Folks ’75
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Foster, Jr.
Crystal L. Fox ’88
Lanette C. Fox ’87
James B. Frazier ’60
Amber L. Fricks ’03
Terry L. Friedrichs ’83
Rebecca R. Frobish ’03
Fernando Fuentes ’02
Billy E. Fuls ’70
James A. Gallagher ’74
Maria T. Gamez ’90
Mrs. Delaura Gammage
David L. Garcia ’03
Eduardo E. Garcia ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Federico O. Garcia
Teresa Garcia ’02
Daniel G. Garza, Jr. ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Elmo R. Garza
Mr. and Mrs. Timoteo Garza
Patricia J. Giblin ’96
Rodolfo Gil ’78
Judith Glasco ’85
Manfred G. Gleinig ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Duke T. Goehring
Mr. and Mrs. David Golden
Jose A. Gonzales ’97
Lawana K. Gonzales ’92
Mr. Rick Gonzales
Adan Gonzalez, Jr. ’97
Graciela Gonzalez ’93

Mary C. Gonzalez ’91
Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo C. Gonzalez
Ms. Nancy T. Goodman
Leatrice N. Green ’97
Jon M. Gregory ’81
Vanessa A. Gregory ’92
Curtis Darrell Grice ’54
Leslie Grunden ’02
Laura B. Guerra ’97
Rakesh B. Gujjarlapudi ’04
Jane P. Gumm ’84
Karla L. Gutierrez ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Haferkamp
Joseph K. Hall ’99
Vivian E. Harlan ’91
Mabel M. Harper ’00
Vicki K. Harper ’85
Vicki W. Hart ’97
Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Hawkins
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hayes
Janice M. Heinold ’00
Kelly L. Heist ’01
Mr. and Mrs. William Hemmick
George A. Henderson ’02
Tracy T. Hendley ’94
Cathryn H. Hensell-Morales ’84
Caroline H. Hernandez ’87
Mr. and Mrs. George Hernandez
Leah C. Hernandez ’02
Norma I. Hernandez ’81
Vanessa M. Hernandez ’02
Veronica J. Herrera ’03
Frances I. Hickey ’88
Ms. Maria T. Hidalgo
Mrs. Betty A. Hill
Anita O. Hinojosa ’77
Mrs. Diana S. Hinojosa
Melissa L. Hinostroza ’03
John J. Hoctor ’67
Tina Marie Hoermann-Schwab ’93
Carolyn E. Hoff ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Hogan
Ms. Mary L. Holt
Alicia E. Hoover ’87
Nicholas B. Hover ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Huckabay
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Huddleston
Karen S. Hudson ’03
Dr. William O. Huie, Jr.
Amy L. Humeniuk ’82
Alan J. Hunt ’03
Cheryl M. Hunt ’94
John C. Hyland ’74
Donna G. Jackson, RN ’94
Mary E. Jaeger ’85
Nora A. Jaloway ’76
Ms. Inasia C. James
Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Jaramillo, Jr.
Salem S. Jeiroudi ’02
Ina W. Jensen ’79
Katheryn K. Jervis ’65
Vicki J. Jesse ’75
Jose L. Jimenez ’98
Nick Jimenez, Jr. ’78
Jessica M. Johnson ’03
Lindsey K. Johnson ’03
Wynette Y. Johnson ’87
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Jones
Cindy Jones ’95
Thomas M. Jones ’97
Ruth K. Josephs ’75
Ashish Joy ’04
Keith A. Justus ’87
Mr. Gary Kau
Cindy A. Keese ’86
Carolyn Keith ’78
Linda D. Kelly ’78
Shawn E. Kendrick ’02
Laura W. Kinnison ’90
Dr. and Mrs. Chuck Kirkham
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Kirkland
Mr. and Mrs. John Kirkpatrick
Matthew J. Kline ’99
Martha Knight ’88
Sharon Kollaja ’92
Mr. and Mrs. William Kourie
Mrs. Carol H. Kovacs
Robert L. Kraakevik ’71
Opal D. Krout ’76
Maria G. Laird ’71
Lionel A. Lalmansingh ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert G. Lamb
Rhonda L. Lathrop ’02
Lisa M. Leal ’92
Dr. Carol A. Ledbetter
Wen Y. Lee ’90
William R. Lee ’76
Patricia A. Lemons ’91
Mr. and Mrs. James Lenarduzzi
Mrs. Virginia L. Lindsey
Ms. Arlene Long
Emily G. Longueira ’97
Dolores V. Lopez ’00
Elaine M. Lopez ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Lopez
Palmira A. Lopez-Robertson ’99
Dr. Joe C. Loter
Ida Lozano ’72
Noelia P. Lucio ’03
Dewey Magee III ’82
Ms. Dora Maldonado
Elva Martinez ’95
Maria M. Martinez ’02
Pearlie V. Martinez ’99
Toni J. Martinez ’92
Janet W. Matthews ’87
Ms. Gwendolyn W. McChester
Terry G. McCormack ’90
Roger McCray ’73
Mildred K. McFarren ’91
Kelly M. McKay ’92
David A. McKee ’80
William M. McKnight III ’86
Patricia D. McMillan ’91
Ms. Leticia Medina
Patricia A. Medina ’88
Sandy G. Melton ’89
Christine D. Menchaca ’01
Ms. Dolores Mendez
Suzel A. Mendieta ’89
Dr. Elisabeth Mermann-Jozwiak
Gigi A. Metzler ’97
Dr. Karen L. Middleton
Debra A. Miller ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Enrique Mirelez
Concepcion Molina ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Mondragon
Dr. Nicole S. Montague
Mario L. Montelongo ’81
Bobbie H. Moore ’76
Mr. James I. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Mateo Morales, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Moran
Maricela C. Moreno ’04
Shawn M. Morris ’96
Linda K. Morrow ’02
Candice D. Morvant ’00
Irma L. Muniz ’03
Ms. Karen S. Murray
Ms. Margie Myers Price
Candido J. Naranjo ’75
Ms. Sylvia Narvaez
Mr. Naim’u’llah Nasseri
Mr. David Natividad
Corinna Navarro ’03
Ms. Angie Nery
Virginia A. Nichols ’86
Carrol F. Norrell ’74
Debra W. Nyul ’92
Sharon K. Ogletree ’77
Ms. Janie Orta
Julie K. Oshman ’86
Dr. William G. Otton
Charlene M. Owen ’79
Elizabeth U. Palacios ’01
Thelma L. Palacios ’82
Patricia A. Panknin ’02
Mr. Terry Pansza
Glynda S. Parker ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Parks
Mr. Steve Paschal
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce S. Paterson
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Pekar
Grace V. Pena ’02
Gracie S. Pena ’83
Ms. Yolanda O. Pena
Mrs. Irma L. Perales
Deborah L. Perez ’78
Lisa R. Perez ’94
Ludivina Perez ’84
Velma G. Perez ’77
Vicki Perry ’73
Brooks E. Peterson ’82
Roxanne Pilgrim ’90
Deborah A. Pina-Corona ’96
Shirley Polhemus ’93
Mary L. Ponce ’00
Ms. Lasses L. Porterfield
Dr. James Posey and
Dr. Aktina Posey
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Prado
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Predmore
Norma A. Puente ’03
Willie R. Pulido ’77
Kathleen Fogel Putnam ’97
Linda Pyle ’77
Nancy A. Quesada ’83
Jerry M. Quinn ’90
Ms. Laly Quintanilla
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Quintero
Dr. Anthony Quiroz
Rebecca S. Rach ’91
Alfonso L. Ramirez ’86
Ms. Mary Grace Ramirez
Karen Ratliff ’80
Esther B. Read ’77
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald T. Reno
Mr. and Mrs. Juan B. Reyes
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Reyes, Sr.
Rosie R. Reyna
Sandra T. Reyna Salazar ’78
Dr. Philip W. Rhoades
Sharon M. Richards ’74
Emma E. Riehl ’51
Carlos Riojas ’99
John R. Rios ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Quinton M. Ritchey
Mr. and Mrs. Epitacio B. Rivera
Judy A. Roberson ’93
Rhonda G. Roberts ’94
Kathleen J. Robertson ’92
Kimberly A. Rodriguez ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Myron J. Rodriguez
Zaragoza Rodriguez IV ’02
Mr. Rey C. Rojas
Marjorie W. Rollins ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Juan M. Romo
Cheryl L. Roper ’85
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Rosales
Cecil Rousseau, Jr. ’94
Aprill M. Rowe ’03
Ms. Linda Rowland
Ryann L. Royer ’03
Mr. and Mrs. Randall A. Russell
Mark A. Salazar ’99
Marian J. Salge ’79
Ms. Elma M. Salinas
Mary K. Salinas ’91
Kathy J. Sanchez ’92
Sylvia P. Sandoval ’82
Ms. Maria L. Santos
Laura C. Savery ’04
Sharon Scerrato ’83
Rosanella Schell ’81
Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Schrutka
Gene H. Schweizer ’75
Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Scott
Lisa J. Selby ’00
Frances E. Sendejar Verdin ’84
Robert R. Shackelford ’87
Mr. W. Scott Sherman
Dr. James E. Silliman III
Graciela M. Silva ’87
David M. Simonds ’99
Paige P. Smith ’96
Maxine A. Smith ’79
Ramona J. Smith ’78
Suzanne G. Smith ’98
Mary E. Smithey ’82
Christa J. Snyder ’04
Melissa A. Snyder ’93
Mrs. Deanna O. Solomon
Dr. Frank Spaniol
Marilyn L. Speer ’87
Ms. Jo-King Spell
Ms. Cheryl Sprowl
Darrell W. Stange ’96
Robbin D. Stasny ’92
Dorise W. Steele ’86
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wayne Stice
Dr. Pamela P. Stokes
Elizabeth A. Stokley ’00
Rebecca S. Stone ’03
Russell B. Stowers ’99
Mrs. Holly A. Stretz
Catherine R. Stryker ’94
Debra S. Sublett ’98
Terry R. Susik ’02
John E. Swoboda ’76
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon P. Swoyer, Jr.
Sammy J. Talley ’78
Oralia M. Tamez Colorado ’82
Wilson J. Tarkington ’92
Scott A. Taylor ’00
Mary L. Teeter ’80
Jo E. Teichman ’00
Mr. Lawrence Terrell
Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Thompson
Dr. Robert E. Thompson
Russell W. Thompson ’79
Shirley R. Thornton ’80
Mary M. Tovar ’54
Mr. Concepcion S. Trevino
Ms. Susan Tuerck
Cynthia A. Turner ’89
Mr. and Mrs. Grover B. Tuttle
Mr. Jon Twardowski
Oran B. Tyler, Jr. ’51
Karen C. Urban ’94
Pat A. Utterback ’72
Corinne C. Valadez ’93
Gloria A. Valdez ’00
Rosa M. Valdez ’98
David L. Vanecek ’96
Wesley H. Vardeman ’97
Ms. Estela Venecia
Mr. and Mrs. Ananth Venkatraman
Leigh A. Vickers ’99
Ms. Claudia I. Villarreal
Valerie L. Villarreal ’01
Michele R. Voight ’00
Katherine E. Vrazel ’02
Colonel and Mrs. Jerry F. Wade
Mrs. Kelley R. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Walker
Patricia F. Walter ’86
Ms. Connie Warner
Ms. Angelica Wassik
Dr. Tim J. Wells
Emily B. Wenzel ’77
Rae Ann Westfall ’97
Marion G. White ’56
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Wilk
Kathleen A. Wilson ’85
Mrs. Leisa J. Winters
Penny J. Wiseman ’03
Jana N. Withers ’97
Dr. John C. Wojcik
Gregory E. Wolfe ’81
Suzanne C. Wright ’89
Mr. Dean E. Yaklin
Germayne M. Yanez ’03
Leticia Ybanez ’03
Diane C. Ybarra ’96
Mrs. Michelle C. Yoder
Dr. Lari Dianne Young
Adan Zamora ’97
Jeanette E. Zamzow ’91
Benny Zapata ’80
Manuel M. Zapata ’92
Norma M. Zapata ’85
Ms. Rosario Zarb-Cousin
Patricia K. Zarria ’77

Texas A&M Corpus Christi Foundation • Annual Report 2005